Inspiring Women!! – Dish the Fit Link Up!!

Good Morning Fit Fam and Fit Friends!

Well actually like most of my Tuesday morning #dishthefit posts its actually Monday evening – Gasp!! Its true I lie in my posts each and every week lol.

The reason I am bringing this up is that I am just off my first REAL Bike Ride of the season. By real I mean that I rode her, named her Gretchen BTW, outside with purpose for more than 15 mins. I cycled my usual bike route out towards Madsen, the triathlon bike route. I started out slow and tedious, after about 15 minutes I got my bike legs back and starting clipping away the miles hitting decent speeds of between 15-20 mph.  I made it as far as Halfway Creek, stopped had a drink of water and took in the sights. It was lovely to see “open water” again 🙂


The weather really wasn’t my friend it was rainy, windy and cold, but I am not the type to back away from a workout unless absolutely necessary.

I am linking up again with the wonderful ladies at #DISHTHEFIT – Jessica Joy and Jill Conyers. Its been quite a few weeks since I have joined their link up, but the topics just haven’t been speaking to me and I have been rather short on time.

This week’s HOT topic however has me EXCITED!!!

What Makes An Inspiring Woman?

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I am going to make this post mine and define a woman as a Mom. I know, I know, not all women are moms, and their are PLENTY of amazing Inspiring women who have no children, however I am constantly in awe of women who are capable of managing more than just themselves!


1) Passion! – I spoke with my principal just this morning about passion. I believe that an inspiring woman has PASSION! She isn’t just luke warm about life, she fully embraces it with a full on love of something, anything really. While I admit when I think of Inspiring Woman most of them are active, sporty athletes like myself. However I believe as long as you have a hobbie, or belief that they are passionate about then thats awesome! I have  a friend who loves to sew! She now makes cute little hair bows and headbands and she is super passionate about making them. That to me is inspiring!


2) Dedication – While passion is awesome, its not enough to simply love something, an inspiring woman is someone to commits to her love and sticks with it, regardless of the hurdles that show up.


3) Kindness – A passionate, dedicated woman needs also to be kind to be inspirational. I don’t care if you are wonder woman, if you are a royal bitch about it, well that isn’t inspiring at all. I admire woman who are willing to teach, share and spread their love for their passion to other women in a positive manner.


4) Prioritize – An inspiring MOM knows when to put herself first and when to step aside for the good of her little people. An inspiring mom has to be selfless and willing to put the well-being of her family first. This doesn’t mean that she should give up herself for the sake of her kids or even worse use them as an excuse. But she will always try her best to be there when her child is sick, scared or in need.


5)Balance – ah that buzz word -balance! While I am not sure that true balance exists, an inspiring woman is capable of managing work, family and her sport. I am not saying she has them all in full control 100% of the time. Yes real women let things slip periodically (floors need vacuuming, clean laundry sits unfolded in baskets, and the kid may eat KD once in a while). But the main point is that it is periodically and it doesn’t all slip at once a lot of the time. An inspiring mom does her best to keep it together and knows when to step back a little and put it all back into balance.

What traits do you think make an inspiring woman?

Who inspired you??

I am constantly being inspired! My Teacher – Jennifer Grant inspires me to be the best EA I can for our class. A local runner who runs ALL YEAR LONG OUTSIDE no matter the weather, inspires me to never quit. And a local triathlete – I refer to her as the QUEEN BEE of local triathletes has inspired me to reach for the stars and not be afraid to go BIG!!! My Students and MY Daughters also inspire me and teach me that sometimes its the littlest of things that can matter the most!


12 thoughts on “Inspiring Women!! – Dish the Fit Link Up!!

  1. We all lie about when we do our posts lol (well most of us). We’re too busy being inspiring to be posting a blog on the actual day! 🙂 I find that I get inspiration from all kinds of sources every single day. It’s great to take the time to recognize those who have inspired us and keep us motivated! 🙂

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  2. Jennifer, I absolutely LOVED reading this. Good point about the balance part…does it exist? Haha. And, we are on the exact same page in regards to teh kindness part. Take that part out, and it’s impossible to be inspired by a woman. You always inspire and motivate me. Thanks for doing all you do. #fitfamlove XOXO

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! Kindness is crucial, we need more genuine kind loving people to inspire us! So proud to be part of our Fitfam!! 🙂


    1. Thank you! I am so proud to be part of our #FitFam. It is VERY hard for a mom to put herself first, we are taught that we must be selfless and to be a super mom who makes it all happened seamlessly. always putting our kids first all the time. That is simply not how I want to live my life. I want my daughters to know that their personal goals are valued, even after they become a mom 🙂


  3. I agree with you 100% all of these qualities make up an inspiring woman. And like you I am very inspired by other moms who manage to balance work, home, kids, and endurance sports. And I like to think we are inspiring our kids to live purposeful, healthy, driven, passionate lives!

    P.s. congrats on your ride, sounds like it was beautiful!

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    1. By setting goals, working hard and achieving our goals WE inspire our kids to be their best selves. We are often inspiring people even when we don’t set out to do so. thanks for commenting 🙂


  4. These are all so important! I’ve found that I find it really, really hard to relate to people who have zero passion/motivation/drive in life, and I’m not a big fan of people who aren’t kind. 😡

    I schedule almost all my posts into the near [or far] future, so I’m lying on all of mine too! ;P


  5. Passion is HUGE! That has to be there for sure. Totally agree with all of these. One of my top traits of an inspiring woman is that she is comfortable in her own skin most of the time and not afraid to be herself. Give all she’s got because she knows she is worth it!


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