Sunny Sunday and a Meal Plan!

Hey there Fit Fam!!

Can you believe it, two blog posts in a ROW!!!

Its Sunday evening and I am finally sitting down to relax after a fun filled, sunny Sunday!  I’ve got a hot cup of tea and some Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups by my side. I am quite honestly feeling very full of JOY at this particular moment!


Our day started out quite simply, the usual breakfast, laundry, housework and meal prep!


Then Tim decided to pull my new Road Bike outside and swap out my stock tires with my new Gatorskins! The roads here are anything but smooth, lots of sand, dirt and gravel. The guy at the bike store recommend I put on my tougher tires. Let me tell ya its NOT as easy as the books and videos make it seem. Tim tried for a long long time, then  I texted a friend who’s dad owns a bike shop to help. He was awesome!! He added a little dish soap and magically had my new tires back on the rims!!   Whoopee!!!


Then the hubs added some “cages” to my peddles – not quite ready for clip in peddles just yet.


All this was great, but it meant that I actually had to ride her outside, and to be very honest I was terrified!!! I am so afraid to fall and break something (either on me or on my bike) that I have been very leery of actually taking her outside!

But I did, I took for her a short ride around the block and it was WONDERFUL. So smooth! So light, and so much potential to be FAST!!!

When I was in Winnipeg, I spent sometime in change rooms with bright lighting and 3 sided mirrors! Not the favourite place for a 37 year old mama of three. Even though I have been working my tail off with my cardio I have to admit that things are really starting to droop 😦

I decided that it might be time to add a few more SQUATS AND LUNGES to my routine. While I was doing PIYO exclusively my arms were toned, my core was strong and my rear end was lifted. Now I am dealing with the dreaded flat runner’s butt. While my main motive is vanity, I also know that the key to an injury free runner are STRONG GLUTES!! So today I hit the weights and the piyo moves again.

I am taking a different mindset towards strength training – I used to want to pass on strength training to keep my legs fresh for my main workouts!! I am going to swap that idea and add more lunges, squats and push ups to my regime in hope of improving my performance and my physique!


Then, it was time to head to the pool.

I did a simple workout of:

200 warm up

200 pull, 200 kick, 200 swim – Repeat

100 breast

100 cool down

AfterwardsI hit the SAUNA!!!


After my swim, we ate a lovely salmon dinner and headed out for yet another bike ride!

Miss Olivia is learning to ride her two wheeler again and she really likes riding at the skate park’s smooth paths. Rebecca took my old mountain bike and together her and I rode to watch Olivia learn to ride her bike. It was a nice short ride, but Rebecca has discovered just how horrible bike seats can be to girls!! She much prefers riding a horse! The saddle is a LOT larger!!!


Meal Plan – April 26 – May 2nd, 2015

I am linking up with Jill Conyers and Laura P. for their weekly Meal Planning link up. Check them out for awesome meal ideas!!

Sunday – Salmon, roasted broccoli, corn on the cob for kids and salad for mom and dad!

Monday – Left overs – salmon, broccoli, chicken, salad and watermelon.

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday!!

Wednesday – Greek chicken, salad, and cut up fruit

Thursday – Penne, meat balls and tomato sauce.

Friday – Pizza and salad – Dance show!!

Saturday – Grilled Steaks, asparagus, salad

Love that spring is finally here and we can grill and enjoy salads again!

Breakfasts – cereals, fruit, toast and peanut butter, smoothies.

Lunches – Mini broccoli quiche, sandwiches, soup, salads

Snacks – greek yogurt, fruit, cut up fruit, muffins, protein bars.

How was your Sunday?

Any awesome meal ideas?


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