Checking In …

Hello FitFam,

I hope you are having a terrific Saturday! My Saturday has been quite lovely! A long run, good food, and some quality family time! I cannot ask for much more, except for may be a cocktail 🙂




Last week was FANTASTIC!! I had 3 busy but joyful days at work (I was super proud of our grade4/5 class – they won the Earth Day door decorating contest and impressed me with their speeches!!). Then Tim, Emily and I set out for a few days in the city. Emily competed in the Canadian National Dance Competition in Winnipeg. She danced wonderfully, I was very impressed with her entire dance team! We took some time and did a little shopping together, I always love spending one on one time with my girls. We connected over our love for Lululemon and shoes 🙂


We also enjoyed some incredible meals and watched Furious 7 in the Movie Theatre.


While we were gone Miss Olivia met a few major milestones! On Thursday night she participated in her first Karate grading and received her purple belt! Then on Friday she joined her swim team and swam 1000m in 2 hours for a swim – a – thon!!! I could’t be more proud!!! Rebecca was a real trooper and picked up the slack while we were gone, she accompanied Olivia to both of her events and encouraged Olivia to “just keep swimming” 🙂

Even though our week was full I was still able to complete all my workouts, with the exception of crosswim.

Here is a quick breakdown!

Sunday – Easy Swim 1600m  – 200m warm up, 4X – 100 pull 100m kick, 100m swim, 100 breast 100m swim cool down


Monday – 45 min bike ride


Tuesday – 5 mile run on the treadmill due to snow 😦


Wednesday – 20 min biking on the trainer and 10 mins weights


Thursday – 4 miles on the treadmill at the hotel


Friday – Rest day

Saturday – 7 mile long run! I had a friend join me, a much faster friend. He encouraged me to run faster and I managed 7 sub 10 min miles!


How were your workouts? What is your run pace? Do you have speedy friends ?? most of my friends are much faster than I, this friend likes to run at a sub 9 min mile pace but was kind enough to sit just below 10 overall.


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