Workouts, Meal plans and Taxes

Hello Fit Fam,

I am having a miserable Sunday!! The hubs and I sat down and finally tackled our 2014 taxes. Ugh! Pure misery. Tax day is when I once again realize exactly how unorganized I am when it comes to paper work. I cry, we argue, the kids get yelled at 😦 Fun Times in the Szaflik Household.


The upside is that I am once again organized, the kids cleaned up some of   their messes and we are getting decent tax returns. I will probably be audited over medical expense claims, but all of them are completely legit! I claimed ALL of our out of town medical trips for Ortho and dental visits all 13 trips!

Anyhoo, enough complaining!

I had an amazing training week!

I was able to HIT ALL my targets and nailed every single workout. I also did a decent job of trying to stick to my training plan and not go over board.

Here is a break down:

Sunday – 1500m swim with Coach Rebecca including a 1000m time trial of 23:00


Monday – 20 mins of cycling on the trainer with 2 tabatas


Tuesday – this day was insane so I started with 4 early miles on my treadmill, then added 2.5 more miles after work. I only needed 5 total but the sun was shining and I felt fantastic so I continued.


Wednesday – Crosswim – this workout killed me! We did each exercise with half a Tabata – 2 mins each instead of 4 with 100 – 150 m swim sets in between. (My abs still hurt from the abonators)


Thursday – 5 miles easy


Friday – REST

Saturday – 9 miles in 1 hr 38 mins. Felt good, had a few slow miles due to having to walk to answer texts from Becca. Really sore legs later in the day, but I feel reasonably well today.


This week will be tricky. We are traveling to Winnipeg for Emily’s Dance competition. This means no crosswim, but I’ll get a bike workout done Wednesday morning and hopefully hit the treadmill Thursday morning in our hotel.

Meal Plan April 19-25, 2015


SundaySkinny Taste Shrimp Pad Thai

Monday – Leftovers

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday

Wednesday – Busters BBQ – Roasted Chicken and salad

Thursday – Dance Team Dinner

Friday – Pizza before heading home

Saturday – TBA – I’ll see what I find while shopping i the city)

Breakfasts – cereal, eggs, pancakes – I will have one treat breakfast while we are travelling (hopefully at Stella’s Diner)

Lunches – Salads, eggs and veggies. I will try to keep lunches light so as to not go over my total daily calories. I really struggle with lunches when travelling.

Snacks – Vega Bars, cut up fruit, greek yogurt, almonds, trail mix.


Do you do your own taxes??

Whats on your meal plan??


3 thoughts on “Workouts, Meal plans and Taxes

  1. I love the feeling of nailing a training week! My husband does our taxes. It frustrates me to think about how much of my paycheck the gov takes so I leave it up to Chad.

    Have a wonderful Monday Jennifer 🙂


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