Dish the Fit- The Quickie!!!

Good Morning Fit Fam – Happy Tuesday!!

Just when I thought I could get it all under control and write a few posts over the weekend, we had a power surge that fried my modem. I am no way ready to start writing my posts on my iPhone so we unplugged, kind of, for the weekend! We still had our phones for email and insta-checkins. But we completely  lost our apple TV and Netflix! We were forced to go old school and rent DVDs for our family movie night.


I had a few girl friends over, we drank wine, ate popcorn and peanut M&Ms and watched the movie – Wild. I had read this book earlier this winter and LOVED it. I was totally looking forward to the movie. However, I have to say I was kind of disappointed. They skipped out on a lot of the relationships and experiences that occurred on her journey. I also expected there to be a LOT more narration! It was a pretty slow moving and quiet movie. Good thing I had excellent company!


I do have to say that having no internet really opened up free time and I was extremely productive! Not only did I pull off 2 kick butt workouts, 8.67 mile run and a 1500m swim, but I also did laundry, cooked a fantastic roast beef dinner, cleaned out my van, and washed my floors! I felt like super woman crawling into bed last night!!

IMG_6337 IMG_6356

I am linking up again today with Jessica from The Fit Switch and Jill from her blog Jill Conyer’s Fitness, Health and Happiness for their weekly link up #dishthefit

This week’s Hot Topic is:


This is a really easy topic for me as I am constantly trying new workouts and am really diversified in my workouts. Not all workouts however are quick! Swimming for example requires a bit of planning!!!

For quick easy workouts I:

  • Go for a run – slip on my running shoes, sports bra and shorts and I can be on the treadmill and done in less that 40 mins!
  • IMG_6312
  • Ride my bike on the trainer – see above only on the bike instead of the treadmill
  • IMG_6298
  • Beachbody DVd – I know that popping in one of my Beachbody DVDs will offer me a QUICK and challenging workout. I can stretch, strength train or get my cardio sweat on. Beachbody can get it done!!!
  • IMG_5638
  • Last but not least I LOVE the Deck of Death! I choose 4 different exercises: squats, pushups, crunches and lunges. Deal out the cards 8 at the time. Assign each move a suit and then the number on the card is the reps to perform, Trust me this one will work you hard!!!!
  • IMG_4547

What is your go to quick workout??


12 thoughts on “Dish the Fit- The Quickie!!!

  1. I saw something in the NASM Edge monthly magazine about doing the Deck of Cards workouts. I never tried it out with clients, but it certainly looks tough but fun! Thanks for the reminder! I didn’t read Wild but when I saw it with a friend who had she was super disappointed too. I hate when that happens, but it should teach us we’re all probably better off reading? Haha!

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