Hey There Fit Fam and Friends,

I know I haven’t been writing that frequently lately. My life is getting busier by the day it seems and I have had to prioritize my time and make choices. This means that writing blog posts has had to move down the list.

This leads me to the purpose of this post :

The Sacrifices Athletes Make

All athletes need to make choices, prioritize and make sacrifices, Mother Runner/ Triathletes especially need to do so.

While Professional Athletes have training time carved out for them and often adequate funding to support their sport, mother athletes are not always so lucky.

While I try my best to make my workout sa priority in my life there are plenty of other factors that I must consider each and every day. I need to balance family, work, and my training, and that doesn’t even factor in my volunteer work and friends!

In order to “make it all work” sacrifices  or tough choices must be made. Time, money, friendships, food,  & other interests all need to be considered and weighed against my desire for training!

Time – this one is most likely the BIGGEST of all. My current training plan has me hitting close to 60 minute workouts 6 days a week, not counting my long runs which are getting closer to 90 minutes. This of course doesn’t include getting changed into my workout get (after finding it), warm up, cool down, stretching, foam rolling, PT work, showering, refuelling, and finally getting changed back into normal clothes! As a working mom, I work 35 hours a week, with 3 busy kids getting the timing sorted out can be challenging. I am always juggling and scheduling my life so I can find the time to work, be a mom and get my workout done.


Training plans and family calendar side by side!

Hobbies – linking right into the time sacrifice comes other hobbies. Not only is there little time in my day for any other hobbies, I used to sew and knit and read. After working all day, getting the kids to their activities, completing my workout and all that goes along with it, I am quite simply too gosh darn tired to even think about another hobby! Most nights I plunk my exhausted body down onto the couch, watch 40 mins of TV while catching up with my Beach Body Challengers before going to bed.


Money – being an active person can be expensive, being a multi sport athlete takes cost to the next level! This is especially the case when you are just starting out like me! Bikes, gadgets, running shoes, race entries, and workout clothing all add up to a phenomenal sum of moolah I am quickly learning! Every time I turn around their is a new addition, new tires, new peddles, new goggles, supplements and gels! OH MY!!! And thats just sticking to the basics!! This week alone I had to make the choice between a much needed chiropractor visit and getting my hair coloured. I bought a box dye and had some tough spots worked out!  This also means choosing between a new summer dress and cute sandals and the new running shoes I NEED to run my races.


Friendships – the average person cannot easy identify with an endurance athlete. Most people can see the merit in being active, however most people think endurance athletes are CRAZY!! They don’t understand waking up early, or setting aside hours in your day to swim, bike or run long distances! This can sometimes create a bit of a rift in friendships. People who don’t have the love of activity really don’t want to hear more about your training or up coming races, and quite honestly most of us ONLY want to talk about our training and races as it takes up the majority of our lives, (See lack of other hobbies!)

Sleep – Rest and recovery become a huge aspect of a mother runner/ triathlete’s life! I am usually going to bed early because A – I have to get up at 530 am to get my workout done. Or B – because I am so freaking ridiculously exhausted that I cannot stay awake for one more minute. or C – Both! Late night movies and evenings out with friends quickly disappear as my training becomes more intense.

Family time – I try my absolute BEST to coordinate my workouts with the kid’s lives. This however often means that I am getting my workout done while the girls are at their own activities. The downside, I don’t get to sit and watch them skate, dance or do karate. Luckily, they are understanding about my desire to be fit and lack of extra time. I do however, feel that Mom guilt about missing Rebecca’s first time landing her axel or not being able to afford to travel with Emily to all her dance competitions.

Recovery snack at the skating rink. Trying not to be an absent mama
Recovery snack at the skating rink. Trying not to be an absent mama

I know that I may seem to be sounding a lot like a Debbie Downer in this post, but I wanted to express the reality of what it means to be a mother runner/ triathlete. Being an endurance athlete with all its training and sacrifices can be a lot to manage, but I believe that the sacrifices are just another part of what makes it so awesome! We don’t just have to push through the tough workouts and the sore bodies we also have to endure the juggling and balancing of all the extra that comes with being a Mom. Sometimes we drop a ball or two or three. The house gets messy, the kids eat breakfast for dinner a little too often, our hair gets a little too grey. But when you cross that finish line  and look back on all that you accomplished it is all worth it!


What sacrifices do you make for your sport??


5 thoughts on “Sacrifice

  1. I totally feel exactly the same way! It’s exhausting and sometimes even I wonder why I keep up the pace. And I am constantly asking myself whether I’m a bad mom for making my needs a priority as well. But then at the same time I listened to my sister in law once talk about how she needed “something” to be “her thing”. That what would her kids say about her, “she was a mom”. So I guess at least we have a “thing”. I have a career that I’ve worked hard for, I’m a runner .. none of which take away from being defined as a Mom as well.

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    1. Having a thing that defines you more than being mom is super important to me. i love being a mom, but I am a person too. I don’t want to wake up someday when all my kids are moved out and wonder what next. I don’t want to be that person who has nothing more to talk about. Even if no one wants to listen! lol
      Thanks for dropping in!


  2. Oh my gosh, Jennifer. I love this post and I did one similar during my marathon training. It is SO hard to balance everything and I agree we have to get the word out, not to take away from the experience but just to let everyone know that they are not alone and that IT IS TOUGH!

    I don’t even have a family at home, so not really in the “mom runner” category, but my hubs and I do own our own business and life is very busy and stressful and I am going through the exact same things you are my friend!!

    One day at a time!! luv ya friend and cheering you on!


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