Good Morning! Happy Friday!!!

I am so HAPPY that is a long weekend! As a government employee we are enjoying a wonderful 4 day weekend and let me tell ya I couldn’t be happier! Although it wasn’t that long ago that I was enjoying March Break, I am still really tired from the FLU and am relishing this long weekend. Although it won’t be completely restful! Rebecca has her annual skating carnival and is also participating in a figure Skating seminar with WORLD CHAMPION PAIRS FIGURE SKATERS ERIC RADFORD AND MEAGAN DUHAMEL.

2015 Shanghai World Figure Skating Championships - Day 1

We are really a very fortunate community – considering our population is only 5000 and that we literally live in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!! Our children still have amazing opportunities! I was fortunate enough last night to have the opportunity to actually sit down and chat with Eric and Meagan and help celebrate their win. (Eric’s brother is one of our best friends!! BONUS). We toasted champagne and heard fantastic stories from their travels. They are truly super people!

5 Things Friday!

I am thinking up with Mar, Cynthia and Courtney this morning  for their FRIDAY 5 linkup! This week’s optional topic….

friday 5 good things

1. Sleeping in! – Yup its small and simple but it sure does feel good to sleep in for an extra hour or two on a FRIDAY MORNING!


2. Hanging out with friends – As I mentioned I got to hang out with some great friends last night and hear some fun stories about international travel and the like. These are truly good things in my opinion as they lighten my heart!


3. Easter Treats – You all know me well enough to know that I have a MAJOR sweet tooth!! I love Easter chocolate and look forward to sneaking an egg or two or three from my darling daughters this weekend!


4. Workouts! – It might seem silly but after having to take a 10 day break from any type of strenuous workout due to the FLU I was ridiculously happy to get back at it this week. When I finished my 6 mile run on Tuesday night I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or cry or shout from the roof tops! I was SO HAPPY to have RAN!!!! I also felt the same after accomplishing a VERY hard Crosswim Workout Wednesday! IMG_6159 IMG_6180

5. Watching Rebecca Skate – We have a relatively small skating club – 100 skaters with 25 being in the upper calibre of skating. I look forward to watching Rebecca and her friends show of their skills and have fun tonight in their carnival. Its not World Class by any means but it is certainly entertaining! PLUS we once again have to added bonus of watching World Class GOLD MEDAL Figure Skaters take the ice as well!


What’s good in your life right now??

Doing anything special for Easter? We are having a family dinner Sunday!


4 thoughts on “5 GOOD THINGS!

  1. Ha sleeping in is one of my favorites! I am sure it felt great to run again after being out of commission for so long! ah would drive me nuts! We have a neighborhood Easter Egg hunt tomorrow and then I will host family Easter dinner here on Sunday. Have a totally wonderful weekend!! Enjoy your Easter treats!

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    1. I go in cycles with being able to sleep in. some weeks its 7 am others 10. its so weird! often the later i stay up the earlier i wake up which really makes no sense.


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