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Hello Fit Fam,

Happy Tuesday!! It has been far too long since I have joined up with Jessica Joy and Jill for the Tuesday #dishthefit link up!! I have missed sharing my thoughts on their hot topics. I love this week’s hot topic:


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I am surrounded by people who inspire me to live healthy, whether its to eat clean or to stay active. Here are a few of my favourites!

My Family!!!

My family mean the absolute world to me! My three beautiful daughters and my loving husband are the main people who inspire me to live healthy. I KNOW without a doubt that if I am fit and eat clean I am a MUCH better Mom and wife.

Further, my daughters have ALWAYS been active, pursuing activities that make them happy. The showed me early on that being active can bring you JOY. Although it took me a while to find activities that I LOVE, now that have  found them I am a much happier person!


IMG_2595 (1)


My Husband is not nearly the active or a healthy eater that I am, but he still inspires me to be fit and healthy. Even though he is over weight, he still pushes hard each and every week in the pool at Crosswim and has signed up to run his first 10k. As someone who has to push hard and never gives up he TOTALLY inspires me!



I have a very diverse group of friends, from my straight laced teacher friends to the ones that I can drink with until 4 am and I love them ALL.IMG_4134

A few of my friends also embrace my love of Fitness and Healthy Living! Richard and Wendy are prime examples of  friends who inspire me. They are both very active – Wendy is also running the 10k and loves her Yoga and Insanity Videos! Rich – loves swimming and hitting the weights in the gym, he also will run the 10k this Spring.


These two also embrace clean eating, although they have been known to polish off an entire bag of Pumpkin  Seed BarkThins in record time! I love sharing recipes with Wendy and Richard often has great nutritional advice for me.



My first Beach Body Challenge group has just come to an end and I have to say I am very impressed with their results. Some have worked extremely hard and have lost over 15 pounds in just 90 days. The main reason these ladies inspire me is that the went from hating fitness and healthy eating to learning how to make it part of their everyday life style!! Many of them want to keep in touch and continue to support each other on their fitness journeys!

Who inspires you in your life to live a healthy lifestyle??


12 thoughts on “Inspiration – #Dishthefit

  1. I love that your kids and your husband encourage you to be active! Having your family to back you up is such a blessing! And your friends, too. You have some solid inspirational people in your life 🙂

    For me, my family is definitely #1 for inspiring healthy choices and, of course, the #fitfam from the Fit Dish link-up, too! I feel especially inspired by moms who take care of their bodies AND their family as well!
    Amy @

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    1. I completely agree with having the FitFam as a MAJOR inspiration to stay healthy. I love reading all the posts and seeing how everyone keeps active and healthy! Thanks for commenting!


    1. Its nice to be back MB!! I know that once my daughters are older they will truly appreciate how fortunate they are to have been active kids! I didn’t start this journey until my early 30s they will have quite the head start!


  2. Such a great list! I always love seeing how active your family is, it’s just darn cool. And congrats with the success with your challenge. How exciting to be a part of their journeys! And, super awesome your hubby is swimming. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. It is cool that I have active kids! It wasn’t even something we thought much about doing. We just believed that kids should have activities to do and opportunities to try things. Our girls have tried: soccer, baseball, figure skating, dance, horseback riding, swimming, gymnastics, XC skiing and now karate. And that doesn’t include in school sports like volley ball, basket ball, running, and curling! We live in a small town but there is no shortage of cool opportunities for kids!


    1. I am super proud of my challenge group. All I wanted was to foster a love for healthy living for the long term, and I am certain i was successful in doing that! This Fitfam of ours is awe inspiring!! I love reading all the posts and learning how we all keep active. I also love the not so great moments that really connect us! Thanks for hosting!!


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