Tired ….

Hello Friends,

I am tired…. Just when I thought I was getting it all together with my vitamins and nutrition and really starting to feel awesome during March Break, I was HIT HARD by the Flu.



Good old fashioned INFLUENZA virus did a number on my girls and I over the past two weeks and I am still feeling the effects. I was so sick that I actually missed 3 full days of work and struggled to get through the other two.

It will be no surprise that I did not get one solid workout in last week. I tried to run yesterday and it was pathetic. I ended up walking most of the 2 miles, I did manage half a piyo workout.

I also seriously neglected my meal plan. I basically ate toast for 3 days, I am 3 pounds closer to my goal weight but this is not how I wasn’t to get results.

To further complicate matters Tim is turning 40 tomorrow so I spent my waking moments planning a surprise party. It went off without a hitch last night, but now I am also hungover on top of still having a cough and runny nose lol.




I am planning on giving it all I’ve got this coming week with my nutrition and workouts. I may have to tweak my schedule but I should be able to get a few miles under my belt!

Meal Plan March 29- April 4th, 2015

I am hooking up with Jill and Laura and their Sunday Meal Planning linkup. I’ve already been over to check out some tor the great meal ideas and to get some inspiration, Unfortunately, my brain is really in a deep fog and I couldn’t come up with anything all that adventurous for you this week.


Sunday – Pasta and salad

Monday – Steaks, roasted potatoes and asparagus for Tim’s birthday 🙂

Tuesday – Leftovers

Wednesday -Chicken and vegetables

Thursday – Breakfast for supper

Friday – Pizza and salad

Saturday – Chicken and vegetable soup

Breakfasts – oatmeal and smoothies

Lunches – smoothies, eggs, salad, soup

Snacks – fruit, yogurt, cake!! After the cake is gone I might try a few new protein bar recipes, check back to see how they turn out!

What’s on your menu?

Have you ever planned a surprise party?



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