Racing Weight

Good Morning Fit Fam,

I am pretty excited about some books that I bought while I was in Winnipeg last weekend.

Racing Weight – How to get Lean for Peak Performance. By Matt Fitzgerald


The idea behind the book is that in order to maximize my potential and rock my race goals I need to be  at optimal performance weight. This is different from just looking good or being at my correct BMI. My Race weight is the perfect weight where I don’t hold my self back with extra pounds. It is no secret that elite athletes are LEAN, extra pounds require extra energy expenditure and slows you down.

However, it isn’t enough to “diet”. The idea behind a diet is to eat less, take in less calories than you burn. while the will make you look great, it won’t help with race performance. Tough workouts require energy!! The idea behind “Racing Weight” is to target fat loss rather than overall weight loss which is often fat and muscle. I need those muscles!

I am only a few chapters into the book and although it is pretty technical and rather wordy, I am liking what I have read so far. I love the idea of leaning out a bit, I love the idea of losing fat not muscle, I love the idea of fuelling myself properly for peak performance! Wouldn’t it be nice if I could PR my races simply by switching up my nutrition!

The first step is to decide what my peak performance weight is exactly, while that is often found by trial and error over years of racing. A recreational athlete like myself will simply have to guess using a formula based on my current weight and current body fat levels. I purchased a body fat scale and hope to have it this weekend. I have to admit though I am a little nervous about finding out exactly how fatty I actually am!  Champion female Triathletes are on average 12- 16% body fat; my current goal is about 18% (80% percentile)  body fat, but that will really depend on where I am at currently.

IMG_6071 IMG_6072

The author, Matt Fitzgerald, also has a cookbook that works with his 6 step program. The recipes look fantastic and I cannot wait to add them to my weekly meal plan. The best part is that he doesn’t shy away from CARBS! He has recipes for pancakes, muffins, scones, wraps – YUMMO!!


Since I am on the nutrition bandwagon, I thought it might be time to get serious about vitamins and supplements. I know most vitamins and minerals can be obtained from a well balanced diet, I am finding lately that something has been missing. I decided to make a stop into GNC while in the city and the salesman was AWESOME! (AKA he had me spend a ton of money lol) He helped me pick out GNCs Woman’s Ultra Mega Active Vitamin Packs. The pack contains 6 vitamins including a multivit, calcium, total lean, and CLA. Since starting the packs just yesterday I feel a little more spring in my step – could just be March Break. The true test will come once I head back to work full time. He also convinced me into drinking BCAAs during my runs and some B12 vitamin chews.


Hopefully over the next few weeks, as I get my nutrition and weight dialled in and Spring makes its way to Red Lake I should be feeling fantastic! Just in time too as my workouts start getting longer and harder!

Do you pay much attention to your weight?

Do you take vitamins or supplements?


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