Friday 5 – Spring!

Happy Friday Fit Friends!

I am sorry that I have been absent all week, I took Olivia to Winnipeg last Saturday and didn’t get home until Tuesday night. Since then its been nothing but grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning and workouts.

I only have a few more days left to my March Break and then its back to the grind until Easter Weekend. I am looking forward to these last few relaxing days with little planned.


I am linking up with The Friday 5 Ladies – Mar, Courtney and Cynthia

This week is all about SPRING!!!

5 Things I LOVE about SPRING!!!

1) Less Layers – During the winter months I like to keep warm and that means a while lot of layers! On a typical work day I have on a tank, long sleeve, sweater, pants, wool socks, boots, scarf, hat, down coat, snow pants and wool mittens. I can barely move! With Spring I lose about 20 lbs in layers – tee shirt, sweater, vest, scarf , rubber boots, hat and light mittens! This makes it easier to dress and easier to move around. I feel so much freer!!


2) More Sunlight – During winter most of our evening activities start in the dark and end in the dark. With daylight savings time and as we approach the Spring Solstice it is still day light well into the evening! This allows time for evening walks after dinner.

Evening Walk in Winnipeg with Olivia
Evening Walk in Winnipeg with Olivia

3) Outside Activities – Winter temperatures are HARSH at best (-30C for weeks at a time) Spring brings much warmer temperatures which lets me get outside for my workouts. Although, I typically get out sooner than later, this year with my treadmill and bike trainer I have not been too eager to go hard outdoors. But I am enjoying sunny walks in the fresh air.


4) New Clothes – A new season brings new fashions and Spring brings new lighter colours! I love the feel of a fresh new outfit and how happy the Spring colour schemes make me feel.

5) Fresh Fruits – I love fresh fruit especially yummy oranges, melons and strawberries, all of which are fresh and more readily available in the Spring!



What makes you happy for Spring?

Rubber Boots and puddles?

New outfits?

Longer daylight hours?



5 thoughts on “Friday 5 – Spring!

  1. Totally on board with you here. Less layers is so much easier to get out the door. And less laundry. And more energy when it isn’t dark on the way to and from work. Now if it would just stop snowing and act like spring that would be great!!


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