A day in the Life of Trihardmama – Friday 5

Hello FitFam!!!

I cannot believe it is Friday Morning already!! And Friday the 13th to boot! hope you are not superstitious!  This week has flown by so quickly. School was very busy with science fair projects and cereal drives. Today we have a FUN Winter Carnival planned, I am hoping the weather will hold out – the weather man is calling for snow and freezing rain. The weekend weather, however is very promising with double digits in the pluses!! That what we call it when spring arrives – in the pluses lol.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 7.49.02 PM

I am particularly excited for today, because as of 3:25 p.m I will be on HOLIDAYS!!! One entire week of no work, makes this mama very happy. I am taking little Miss O to Winnipeg to see Disney on Ice and for a few dental appointments. Yup I drive 5 hours each way to see the dentist. However we like to be glass half full folks and LOVE these out of town trips. Since it is just Olivia and I going we can do pretty much anything we want. We plan on seeing the new Cinderella movie, stopping at Chapters, buying new rubber boots. I also have a David’s Tea stop planned and of course Costco and Starbucks!!

I am linking up with Mar, Cynthia and Courtney for their Friday 5 Link Up.


This week’s fun idea is:

A Day in The Life….

I warn you it is not all that exciting, in fact it is pretty darn boring (that will sure help me increase my audience lol)

1. Morning Routines – I wake up every morning between 545-6:00 am Some mornings I get a quick workout in, but more often than not I am saving it for the evenings. I make a cup of coffee and  stumble around my kitchen checking emails and Facebook for the first 20-30 mins. Then I move onto making breakfasts, lunches and sometimes even dinners. I wake the kiddos up around 7 am and then its a whirl wind before we leave the house an hour later.


2. Get Your Learn On! – I LOVE my job! I leave the house around 8 am and drop the big girls off at school. I make the time for a quick coffee stop at my favourite cafe and its off the school for mama and Olivia. It is a real bonus working in the same building as my children, especially while they are little. I never have to miss a school play or assembly. I often peak into Olivia’s classroom just to see what she is up to! Most of my day is spent in a Grade 4/5 classroom, where I work with an AMAZING Teacher. She is kind, but firm and has a real knack for creating lessons that are engaging. I could not ask for a better working environment than that classroom, we are a real team!


3. Kids Activities – To say that my girls are busy is an understatement!! Rebecca 16 – rides horses once a week, helps coach swimming 2x a week and skates 3 days a week. Emily dances 4 days a week and works at a local Marina 4-6 days a month. Olivia swims 2 days a week and does Karate once a week. We have 1 night a week where we have NOTHING to do other than Rebecca’s visit to the ranch, which she does while we are still lat work. This of course doesn’t include special events such as dance recitals, dance competitions, skating comps, swim meets, parent teacher nights and school functions! Tired yet???

MIN_14385 (1)


4. Meals! – I am a big believer in HOME COOKED MEALS, and by home cooked I mean cooked from scratch! Luckily, I am also a huge planner and leave nothing to chance when it comes to food. I try to cook enough to have leftovers, but wit growing girls it is hard to really know how much they are going to eat. I also LOVE using my slow cooker to make soup every Wednesday, this of course only really works during the cold months – the other 3 months a year I have to be a little more creative;) We try to eat dinner together as often as we can given the girls busy schedules. I feel that it is really important to sit down together once or twice day to connect and share about our days.


5. Workouts – As a FITMAMA my day wouldn’t be complete without a SOLID workout! Lately my workouts have been taking place in the evenings and now with half marathon training officially underway I am hitting my treadmill 3 nights a week. My workouts are still pretty diverse; piyo, running, swimming, biking, crosswim, and weights.  After my workout its time for shower, snack and I try to get into my bed around 9:30 pm so I can hopefully read for a few minutes before falling asleep.


I am sure you have noticed that housework didn’t make it into my day nor did running errands. Other than a quick clean up after meals, a quick bathroom wipe up after the kids brush their teeth and checking the mail every day or so I do not get to housework or errands during the week. I grocery shop once a week, Tim picks up milk and fruit once during the week and other than that we simply make due.

I am also linking up with Jill Conyers and her Fitness Fridays. Check it out for awesome fitness posts!!!

Life as a working Fit Mama is busy but rewarding 🙂

What are your days like??


6 thoughts on “A day in the Life of Trihardmama – Friday 5

  1. Sounds like a very busy day. I think it is great that you are committed to cooking healthy meals from scratch. I also love your workout diversity. My boys are getting older now which means they can also try some fitness adventures with me – I love to think about setting a healthy example for them so they will make time for fitness as they eventually become part of the adult world.


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