5 people I would Love to workout with! #dishthefit

Good Morning #fitfam,

Every time I say Good morning #fitfam in my head lately it comes out sounding like “Good morning Vietnam!” hehe I haven’t watched or thought of that movie for a long long time, but yet that is exactly how I have been saying it in my head.

I am once again Linking Up with Jessica Joy and Jill for their weekly DISH on hot fitness topics. This week’s topic is a FUN one!

What 5 people would you love to run or train with!

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I think I will break mine up according to workout genre just to be fun!

Run – I would love the opportunity to RUN with my running coach, Amanda from Run to the Finish. She is my virtual running coach but I would love for the opportunity to have her join me on one of my many, very LONG runs (sorry Amanda) to keep me company and encourage me to finish. She has done an amazing job supporting her other clients. It would also be cool to have her to chat with for 2 plus hours!

Yoga – I would love the chance to spend a few days at a YOGA RETREAT with my cousin Joy. Joy is a very busy midwife on the west coast of British Columbia. Her sport of choice is HOT YOGA. I am completely in awe of Joy’s strength and flexibility. I would love the chance to spend a few days sweating, stretching and reconnecting with her!


Bike – There is NO DOUBT who I want to rid with! Helena, one of my fellow Badass Mermaids! She recently completed a 118Mile!! Yes miles!! Bike ride!! I have never even come close to that sort of distance, my longest ride is 37 km on my 37th birthday! I would love to train and then complete my first centrury ride with Helena and any other badass mermaid that wanted to join us! Helena is an incredible lady who supports active women and girls. She raised money last year for the Make a Wish Foundation through her 1st International Mermaid Day 5k. The 2nd annual event will take place this fall and I highly recommend that you check it out!!



Group fitness – Wouldn’t it be fun to have a #fitfam workout session!! I would love to attend a class with all of you awesome #fitfam bloggers and get our sweat on! I know Jill would have green smoothies for our post workout treats, and Jess would take amazing photos! Jodi would have photos of her newest granddaughter to share and Farrah would have us hitting the big girl weights. Of course MB would be there as would Sharon 🙂

Swim – This one is tougher! While I would love to join Aussie triathletes swimming in 50m outdoor pools the person I would most love to train with is my eldest daughter Rebecca.  Rebecca is an amazing swimmer with fantastic technique. I know if I swam with her she would challenge me while teaching me to be a much better swimmer! Unfortunately, our schedules do not jive at the moment, she skates when I swim. But I know she will accompany me on many of my open water swims this summer!


Who would you love to train with? Why?


5 thoughts on “5 people I would Love to workout with! #dishthefit

  1. Ah thanks so much for mentioning me in your post! I would love to workout with you and the rest of the #fitfam some time! So sweet that you put your daughter for swim. So great that she will challenge you and teach you, I’m looking forward to the day when my sons will do the same. 🙂

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  2. Group class with #fitfam would be great and I am honored you included me in that and yes of course I would have pictures of my grandbaby! Yikes, this Grma JoJo is completely in love!!

    And for the record, having run with our amazing Coach Amanda…you would love it…she is amazing!!


    1. I am truly excited for you Grammma! Someday we will run together, I know it! Fargo is only 8 hours away, a hop skip for this road tripping mama who drives 3 just to see the dentist once a month!


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