Playing Hide and Seek with my Mojo

Happy Sunday,

Are you adjusting well to the time change? I have to say it is nice that it is nice to have brighter evenings, but we will miss the early morning daylight!

I have been on quite the roller coaster lately, feeling very up and down with both my energy levels and my moods. The two are of course very much linked. It is very hard to feel happy and positive when I feel absolutely EXHAUSTED. It seems that my Mojo has been hiding on me for the past week or so.

In hopes of finding it again I have had to think hard and do a little reflecting. Some of the steps I have taken to regain my energy levels are:

  • Vitamin D – Known for  mood stabilization. Winter here is LONG Dark and Cold which means very little Vitamin D.
  • Multi vitamin – you never know what I could be missing
  • Relaxation – early to bed, late to rise
  • Extra Rest Day – I had a 2 mile easy run planned for Thursday night, but my body said “no way mama!!” so I went to bed!
  • Time with friends – as much as I really wanted to sleep on Friday night I sucked it up and had dinner and went curling with friends. Although I wasn’t the best company (sorry Wendy) it did help me to get out of the house.
  • Family Fun Night – I spoiled my girls last night with A super fun meal and 2 movies! We ate a whole lot of Nachos!!
  • Simple workouts – an easy 3 miler, 20 mins on the bike and 30 mins of swimming. All felt great! I also made it outside for a short walk. Fresh air always helps.
Fresh air plus exercise!
Fresh air plus exercise!
Fruit salsa and strawberry Margaritas
Fruit salsa and strawberry Margaritas

I know this coming week will be really hectic with March break just around the corner. But I am ready to take on the week! Even if it means early to bed all week long!

I am linking up with Laura and Jill for their weekly meal planning linkup! It is fanatic way to find new recipes and get get meal plan ideas!


Meal Plan March 8 – 14, 2015

Sunday  – Beer Can chicken and roasted veggies

Monday – Chicken salads

Tuesday – Walleye (fish), rice and asparagus

Wednesday – Tomato soup

Thursday – Leftovers

Friday – Pizza and salads

Saturday – Crockpot pulled pork and veggies



Breakfasts – Green Smoothies

Lunches – Eggs, Salads, Cut up veggies, fruit, soup, salads

Snacks – Vega bars, greek yogurt and fruit.


Have you lost your Mojo?

How did you get it back??


One thought on “Playing Hide and Seek with my Mojo

  1. Your menu sounds delicious! Missing mojo is no fun and it’s so common during the winter. Vit D deficiencies play a big part in mood/motivation. The only thing that seems to help with getting your mojo back in general is time. Hang in there!


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