Friday 5 – Friday Favourites

Good Morning Fit Friends,

It has been a long week, I once again am coming down with a cold. It feels like all winter long I have been on the cusp of catching something. I never really get sick I just feel crummy a LOT of the time.

Last night I decided that I needed to take an “Emergency Rest Day”. I had a a short run and bike ride planned, but exhaustion has set in and I knew that if I did not rest and rejuvenate I would be down for the count for a long long time.


I am linking up again this Friday with the Gals from the Friday 5 – Mar, Courtney, and Cynthia.


This Week’s Topic is Friday Favourites!

This week my Five Favourite Things Right Now!

AKA – Things that are currently bringing me joy!

1) Photo Voice – Red Lake Madsen Public School has been fortunate enough to have an artist volunteer her time to create a photography art project. Every student from K-8 is taking a photo showcasing why they LOVE RLMPS. I truly am enjoying seeing the different perspectives that each child is seeing through their very own eyes.


2) Cereal Drive – another school project that I am leading is a cereal drive. The Northwestern Health Unit recently approached schools to help collect boxes of Healthy Cereals for their Student Nutrition Program. This program helps to provide students with a healthy meal at school to improve their overall well being. We set the goal at 50 boxes before next Friday and I am excited to say that we have raised 42 boxes within the first 3 day!!!


3) #mermaidmadness – The Mermaid Club, for which I am an ambassador, has created a FUN March photo Challenge. The prompts are fun, yet challenging.  You can see the photos on Instagram under the #mermaidmadness. The challenge is only in its first week and I would love to see some of you joining it!

4) Motivation Walls and Positive Quotes – This is an initiative that I started for myself last year. I love writing myself positive notes and carrying them around in my pocket to remind myself to keep a positive mind. The grade 4/5 class that I work in has created their own positive wall. Offering positive quotes on sticky notes for students to take and carry with them when they need a little pick me up.


5) Celebrating accomplishments – My girls have kicked it into HIGH gear lately and have been making some incredible accomplishments. Rebecca got her driver’s licence AND become a certified lifeguard. Emily had a terrific time at her 1st dance competition of 2015. Her team earned Lightening Gold, a dance studio record, AND had a KICK BUTT report card!! Olivia is doing a stellar job in her karate class and has memorized her white belt Kata. I am a very proud and happy Mama!! To celebrate these accomplishments I purchased the girls a banana caramel cake. I believe that food helps create memories and enjoy celebrating with cake.

IMG_5860 IMG_5320

This Friday 5 was not fitness or healthy living related specifically, however I do believe that feeding the soul is good for my overall wellbeing and feeding kids, enjoying art, and celebrating personal victories – big or small makes me feel great!

What are your Friday Favourites right now?

How have you fed your soul lately?


8 thoughts on “Friday 5 – Friday Favourites

  1. I hope you feel better soon. I’ve been struggling with a cold all week. Started with a sore throat, turned into congestion (still with a sore throat) and tiredness. Feel like I’m on the upswing now, I actually feel like hitting the treadmill after work instead of laying on the couch. Sounds like you have some great things bringing you joy right now!

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    1. I think we had the same cold. I am feeling better but the congestion is still hanging around. I have managed to get my last 2 workouts done which makes me happy.


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