Ice Road Family!

Hey Everyone,

It’s Monday and I thought I would share a quick Photo Post about our weekend walks.

The weather FINALLY warmed up to -15C and we took the dog for a walk on Saturday and then went out on Sunday with the kiddos.

I really prefer to let Lily run off leash and since she doesn’t listen well a walk in town is kind of out of the question. So we headed out near my Dad’s house and went for a walk on the ice road that her plows.

For those of you that don’t live in the North an ice road is a road on the frozen lake. Before you all panic the ice is approximately 24″ think and is more than safe for both people and vehicles!! We have several ice roads in our community and they really cut down driving time when we take Rebecca to the Skating Rink for her figure skating lessons.

A photo walk on the ice road!




Someone is too shy to have her photo taken!


It was still windy and we had to bundle up!



Olivia checking out the ice!



The ice is really clear!




A Very Happy Dog!


My Dad’s house!

Have you ever been on an ice road??

Anything make your community unique??



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