Confession! plus a Meal Plan!

Good Morning Fit Fam!

I am doing what I always do on a Sunday morning, sipping my coffee post pancake breakfast. The laundry is going and the dishes have been started. It is a GOOD DAY!


I am linking up again with Jill and Laura for their Sunday Meal Planning link up. Check it out for terrific meal ideas!!


I have a confession to make – I Jennifer Szaflik, AKA TRIHARDMAMA am a PANCAKE SNOB!!!

Its true, I blame it on my mother, I cannot bring myself to eat pancakes from a box with fake syrup. My mom and her mom and her mom before her grew up in rural Quebec – home of the Canadian Sugar Maple Tree. There was no reason to BUY fake syrup when the real stuff came out of your trees. They ate real maple syrup for the same reasons that they ate their farm eggs and drank cows milk – it was local it was cheap and it was GOOD!! I grew up with only maple syrup.

As for pancakes, why use a mix to make pancakes when homemade ones are just as easy and probably less expensive! Not to mention all the varieties of homemade pancakes, apple, pumpkin, banana, berry the variations are endless.

Because of my early exposure to proper pancakes and syrup I am very swayed when it comes to my breakfast foods. I will openly avoid pancake breakfasts and rarely, ok never, order pancakes in a restaurant as I know they just won’t be right!


Here is my easy and delicious pancake recipe, from my mom to me and now to you!


1 cup flour

1 TBSP Sugar (optional)

2 Tsp Baking powder

1 cup milk (almond or dairy)

1 egg

2 TBSP Oil (vegetable, melted butter or coconut oil all work)

Mix all dry ingredients into a bowl

Mix together milk, eggs and oil.

Add wet to dry ingredients and mix well.

Cook on hot griddle until bubbles form and pop on top side then flip.

Serve with REAL maple syrup. I eat mine with peanut butter, banana and maple syrup!

Options: I add flax and hemp hearts, Whole wheat or all purpose flour or a mixture are fine!

I add cinnamon and usually mix in frozen or fresh berries. Chocolate chips can be good too.

Workout Recap!


I have completed my first week of half marathon training.

Sunday –  easy 3 mile run

Monday – Piyo Sculpt as strength training

Tuesday– 2 mile run with hill repeats (it was anything but great but I got through)


Thursday – 2 miles easy run

Friday – REST DAY!!!!

Saturday – LR 3 miles and hill repeats

I only had one BAD run and I think it was just one of those days! 


Meal Plan for March 1st – 7th


Sunday – Birthday dinner at Aunt Debbie’s House

Monday – Pasta with tomato sauce and meat balls

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday

Wednesday – Rosemary chicken soup

Thursday – Left over soup

Friday – Pizza and salad

Saturday – BBQ burgers and roasted veggies!

Breakfasts – Green smoothies

Lunches – Salads, eggs, and veggies

Snacks – Greek yogurt, energy balls, fresh fruit


Do you like real pancakes or do you use a mix?

Are you a food snob??

Don’t forget to enter my Hemp Heart giveaway! Winner will be chosen tomorrow morning!


7 thoughts on “Confession! plus a Meal Plan!

    1. There is something about a quiet simple Sunday morning that brings me incredible Joy. its a tradition that I hope to continue forever!!


  1. I don’t like things out of a box either, including pancake mix. I have a favorite pancake recipe that involves plain yogurt, buttermilk, and your traditional dry ingredients (plus a little cornmeal for some crunch) and we made the pancakes this weekend. Delish!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Most recipes are so simple that it is just as easy to make it from scratch. I haven’t tried cornmeal but I have added oatmeal.


  2. Real pancakes are the best! I also can’t eat that Aunt Jemima crud either, has to be real maple syrup. I lived in British Columbia for a couple of years, it totally turned me. I live in an area where real maple syrup is quite a bit more expensive but I still buy it, we just use less 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I buy mine at Costco, it is much cheaper than what I pay in the store. If all else fails my mom has mailed it to me. Even with shipping costs it is cheaper than the 12.00 for 500ml we pay locally!


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