If I Had A Million Dollars!!!

Happy Friday Fit Fam!!

It has been a terrific but LONG day for this Fit Mama. (so long that I wasn’t even able to publish this until Saturday morning!)

I took Rebecca for her monthly orthodontist appointment; Miss Olivia had her very first ortho checkup today. She at age 7 already has some pretty crooked teeth and will certainly need braces when she is older. I am a firm believer in being PROACTIVE and wanted to have Olivia’s teeth checked out early in case we needed to act sooner than later.

While out of town I had a long list of things to do. My van needed repair, grocery needed to be purchased and we did a big stock up at Walmart.

We also had a very BIG moment in our family today!!! Rebecca is an official DRIVER!! She wrote her beginners (G1) today and can now learn to drive. My Baby has a driver’s license, I cannot really even begin to process that FACT!! Wow!!!!

While I was refuelling my van today on our little road trip I purchased a Lotto Max ticket. We often play the lottery game while driving, what we would do if we won the lottery. It really helps pass the 6 long hours of driving! I thought  I would share my top ideas of what I would do with a million $$$ 🙂


1. Garmin Forerunner 920 XT Multipart watch – I saw this watch on an other blog, You Signed up for What!!?? and I instantly fell in love! This watch is perfect for the multi-sport athlete, it keeps track of lengths and time when swimming, distance and pace while o the bike and when running. It also has a step counter similar to my Garmin Vivofit. The heart rate monitor helps the owner stay in the correct training zone. However at the purchase price of $450.00 US  This one definitely has to be on the Lottery Dream list!


2. Races Races and more Races!! You read about my dream list last Friday. Well there are so many terrific races across North America, big and small, I am certain that I would be travelling and running more frequently!

3. Xterra Vortex Wetsuit – If I was able to train and race more frequently then I certainly need to up my gear as well. Last year I used my daughter’s little Canadian tire Shorty wetsuit, which did the trick. However, with money issues off the table I would certainly invest in a wet suit like Xtrerra’s Vortex wetsuit. At  a price if $300 CAD it is actually not that unaffordable.


4.PEARL IZUMI PRO SERIES TRI FLY V CARBON Bike Shoes – Last year I bought a cute pair of Asics Gel Noosa’s triathlon running shoes. There are fantastic! This year if all goes right I would love to as a pair of bike shoes to my kit. This pretty darlings of a shoe are seamless for quick transisitons and like my Noosa’s they ca be worn without socks. Of course I would need to upgrade to clips pedals and figure that whole scenario out! This beautiful, colourful shoes are priced at  $229.00 CAD plus the cost of new pedals which cost $150.00 CAD


5. Clothes clothes clothes – I would love a new racing, running, swimming, biking wardrobe! Lululemon has some fantastic bras, tights and sweaters. TYR has fanatic swimsuits and I would really appreciate a new pair of bike shorts so I could alternate between pairs.

What’s on your dream list??

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