Judging a Book By its Cover

Hey there!

I hope you are having a great week!! My week is once again a short one as I am taking the girls to the orthodontist tomorrow morning!! All afternoon I have been singing

“Woo Hoo Its My FRIDAY!!!!”

My students were not that excited for me 😉

This week in the grade 8 classroom the teacher handed out an interesting assignment which he called “judging a Book by its Cover.” He wanted his students to pick an object or possession that spoke to who they are as a person. I thought this was a really cool assignment and have decided to write a blog post with that theme!



I chose my Garmin Vivofit as my object because I feel that it says a lot about who I am as a person. Since receiving my watch in July 2015 as a gift from my Dad for my 37th birthday I have not gone more than 2 days without wearing it. I receive many questions regarding my watch everywhere I go. Even the receptionist at the orthodontist has inquired about my watch.

Some of the characteristics that my watch tells about me include:

  • my love of colour – it is blue
  • my love of fitness, it not only tracks my steps but also my heart rate and calories burned
  • My love of statistics – it is not enough for me to keep fit I want to know exactly how man steps I have taken each day
  • I am very goal oriented, I want to know exactly how many more steps I need to not only reach y goal but to surpass it!
  • I like being on time – there are a lot of step counters, but I like to also know what time it is.
  • I wear it everyday, everywhere – oh baby this band is getting grungy and needs a good scrubbing, or perhaps to be replaced with a new colourful band in purple (hint hint)


As earlier mentioned I have received a tremendous amount of questions regarding my Garmin Viviofit! Here are a few fun facts!

  • tracks steps taken and counts down towards goal
  • goal can be set manually
  • goal increases or decreases based on previous activity levels
  • tracks total distance per day
  • comes with a heart rate monitor and details heart rate zones, accurate!
  • shows time and date
  • shows calories burned
  • Syncs to iphone and computer
  • iphone app shows all data and previous data. graphs and displays wonderfully
  • App details calories burned and matches up with My Fitness Pal for nutrition integration and to track weight loss
  • App offers online challenges and provides “awards” for distances covered!
  • very comfortable
  • can be worn in the pool but does not accurately measure distance covered while swimming
  • Not as accurate as a Running or multi sport Garmin


Do you have an object that tells the world who you are?

Do you wear a fitness tracking device??

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