Introducing my Coach and Workout Recap!

Hey There Fit Fam!

I am pretty excited! I received my first chunk of my Half Marathon training plan today. My coach has chosen to only give me a few weeks at a time to prevent me from “over thinking”. Funny how she knows me so well and we haven’t even really met!

I thought I wold take a few minutes to introduce you all to my running coach – Amanda Brooks from Run to the Finish

Amanda a Kansas City native who now lives in Sunny Florida has been running for 11 years and has decided to share her wealth of knowledge with the world. Last year she was chosen as a Saucony Coach for my dear online friend Jodi Tivey. She worked with Jodi to help her complete her very first full marathon. When I started thinking about MY first marathon and was thinking COACH. Jodi highly recommended Amanda.

I have “known” Amanda for a few years now through her online challenges including HBBC, SBBC, Clean and Lean and most recently Holiday Sweat. I have been reading her blog regularly since 2011 and knew that she would be a good fit for me.

Amanda has been awesome since the get go!! She was totally willing to incorporate my crazy desire to PR a Half, complete an Olympic Triathlon and run my first FULL all this year. I simply sent her my TRI training plan and she has magically worked it all into the plan.

I love her attention to detail and willingness to work with my needs, cold weather, treadmill use, only running 3 days a week, PIYO as strength training.

I have to say I am super excited about next week’s plan. It really focuses on speed work, something I have always neglected. I am also forcing myself to


Up to now I have been pushing to get at least 45-90 mins of exercise 6 days a week. That is going to change. I am going to follow the plan and be more moderate with my training. The only change I am making is that I will continue Crosswim every Wednesday and I may switch up my long run days from Saturday to Sunday when necessary! See already over thinking the plan 😉

The BEST part of her coaching, in my opinion, is that she hosts a group page on Facebook for her runners! We get the enjoy the company of others with similar goals and can help support and answer questions. Its a team of sorts and helps me feel connected 🙂

Workout Recap – February 15- 21, 2015


Sunday – 4 mile run 0.5 mile walk

Monday – PIYO strength intervals and 9 mile bike

Tuesday – PIYO core 3 mile run/walk

Wednesday – CROSSWIM


Those burpees nearly killed me!!!

Thursday – 8 mile bike

Friday – Rest Day – walked for 60 mins while watching a movie with Olivia

Saturday – 1200 m solo, 400 m with Miss Olivia, mermaid in training. She seriously made me work a few times!


Have you ever hired a running coach?

Do you workout wit your kids?


One thought on “Introducing my Coach and Workout Recap!

  1. I am SO excited that you picked Amanda as your coach. You will not regret it and I cannot wait to be your cheerleader!! Remember, trust in the process…one day at a time!! You’ve got this!


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