Friday 5 – Top 5 DREAM Races

Good Afternoon and Happy Friday!!!

We have a had a short work week, but I sure am happy its the weekend!  Rebecca is away on a Skating Compeition with her Grandma and Tim is curling in the Men’s Bonspiel. So that just leaves the 3 of us girls this weekend! We have pizza, tacos, movies, baking and pedicures planned! I am loving these causal weekends!!

I am linking up once again with the fine ladies at the Friday 5. Each week Cynthia, Mar and Courtney create a fun topic for us to list our favourite 5 ideas!



This week’s fun topic:

Top 5 races for 2015.

I am choosing to make this my:

When I WIN the Lottery race list, because quite honestly $$$ is what keeps me from doing more races.

In no particular order:

1)Marine Corp 17.75K – I think running a an 11 mile race would be pretty cool, its still a fair distance but not as  difficult as a Half Marathon. It is also a very unique distance! I chose Marine Corp 17.75K  because I think the location is rather unique and it creates quite a social media buzz! Not to mention it is the 40th anniversary of this event!


2) Sea Wheeze – While I would love to be able to run along the sea wall in Vancouver, the main reason that draws me to this even it that it is sponsored by Lululemon! A girl can only have so many race tee shirts, but a pair of lulu shorts is a definite treat! In addition the event is much more than a race, there are events going on all weekend long, including large group yoga sessions! I am certain the energy would be amazing!!

seawheeze  IMG_6929

3) Disney’s Wine and Dine I LOVE DISNEY!!! I ran the Disney Half Marathon in 2014 and would LOVE to run another Disney race. The biggest attraction to this event is quite obvious – the FOOD and DRINKS!! I would love to sample all the yummy food and I honestly think that Epcot is my favourite Disney Park! Disney does a great job with their races, excellent race side support and the post race treatment is superb!


4)Iron Girl Tri in Seattle Wa – I would really LOVE to be able to do an international triathlon. Even better  would be an all girl TRI. I used the Iron Girl training guide for a large portion of my first sprint Triathlon last summer. Seattle has always been on a must see location for me, HELLO COFFEE!!! The views would be amazing, but I am pretty sure I will need some serious hill training!


5) Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon – Ok this one isn’t a wish list race, but since it will be my first FULL and is a destination race I wanted to add it! This marathon is a cool point to point race that starts in Downtown Minneapolis and finishes St. Paul MN. The timing is perfect, October 4, 2015 which means the fall leaves will be lovely and the race runs through both downtowns and around lakes and rivers! This race is flat and perfect for a first time racer like me!!

All I need is a little gumption and a winning lottery ticket and this can be my list of races that I completed in 2015 😉

What are your dream races??

What races are on your real list? Mine are Manitoba Half Marathon, Red Lake Triathlon, Red Lake Road Race, and Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon!!!




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