5 Things Friday – Love Edition!

Happy Friday!!!

It has been a topsy turvy week in the Szaflik House with dance recitals, and school fun nights, but we have made it to Friday in one piece. Tim has been a real help around the house getting the kids to where they need to be. I am so grateful for him 🙂

Today we are celebrating Valentine’s Day at school with a cake decorating contest and school wide assembly. My class created a GIANT cupcake. It was really fun to make and I am sure the students will love eating it!!


I am looking forward to Valentine’s Day tomorrow. I ordered a special Valentine treats tray for my girlies and I will make them heart shaped pancakes topped with whip cream and strawberries. Tim and I have a hot date planned for Saturday evening, first we will swim lengths, then we are off to a romantic dinner for two. Followed by dessert, wine and a movie. The girls are going to my Dad’s for the night and I am REALLY looking forward some down time.

I am “hooking up” today with the gals from Friday Five, Mar, Courtney, and Cynthia. I am also linking up with Jill for her Fitness Friday.

This week’s optional topic is LOVE of course.


5 Things I am LOVING right now!!!

1. Family – I am one of the most Blessed and Fortunate people I know. I have a husband who loves me and our children. He works very hard to be a terrific father!! Our three daughters are pretty awesome too! Rebecca is turning 16 in 11 days and is turning out to be a very kind and loving young lady. She is very compassionate and her love for animals is unparalleled. Emily is as spunky as ever, but she continues to work very hard in everything she does, with the exception of cleaning her room 🙂 Emily will spend hours doing homework or practicing for dance. Olivia, is really coming into her own, she is really something! She can draw for hours and her reading skills are fantastic, she can pick up any book and really READ!! It is wonderful to listen to her. She is also loving her Karate lessons!!!


2. Fitness – I am totally loving Crosswim as my new favourite cross training. It pushes me in so many ways!! I am becoming a much stronger swimmer and love the fitness intervals. I tend to get bored easily and this style of workout keeps me motivated! I also LOVE how I can push myself against other athletes. I know it is supposed to be me against me, but seeing others motivates me to push a little harder!! My Treadmill!! So many runner’s dread the treadmill, but when the daytime HIGH is -25C I have very little choice to use a treadmill. Having my own personal treadmill in MY house really helps me get my workout in easily! Lastly, PIYO is kicking my butt. My arms are really starting to get defined and my butt and legs are so much stronger!!!



3. Food – I will not lie, I LOVE FOOD!! I love sweets in particular! My girls are not doing me any favours lately and are baking up a storm, and while I should say its terrible, and it really is terrible, I also SECRETLY LOVE IT!!! Cookies galore and now peanut butter marshmallow treats! YUMMO. Even better is when I pair these delectable yummies with a HOT cup of tea or coffee! Both which I really love!! Winter is the perfect time to curl up on the couch with a hot cup of Chai tea and a marshmallow treat!!! Sigh ….

IMG_5330 IMG_4985

4. Positive Quotes – I love motivational images and quotes. I copy them, share, them, write them down and stick them up. I even carry them around in my pocket. On Wednesday I shared a few of my favourites with my Grade 4/5 class and they have chosen their own motivational quote for a poster to hang in the classroom. The top of our classroom will be filled with inspiring images and sayings to help keep us all feeling positive!


5. Challenges! – You already know this about me, but I love a CHALLENGE!! I love it more when I can share in a larger challenge with people from around the world. These little challenges like, 5 by the 5th or #taketheleap, connect me with other inspiring people from all over the globe. Further, I love being a part of something larger, being a part of a support group, either led by me or as a participant, gives me great JOY! It is nice not be alone in the things I LOVE!!!


What are you currently in love with??

Have a favourite snack?

Favourite motivational quote??

Any special Valentines Day Plans?? Will you smell like chlorine and have matching goggle eyes on your date 😉 ???


10 thoughts on “5 Things Friday – Love Edition!

  1. Love your post! I’m having a fling with yoga right now – not sure if it will turn into a relationship. Too early to tell 🙂
    For snacks, I’m loving the mixture of avocado and salmon – it’s great with some salad greens, as a sandwich, on some crackers. Yummy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Salmon and Avocado does sound great!! Yoga and I are definitely still in the dating stage. I love the way I feel afterwards and it is very humbling. I just miss the “rush” i get from a hard workout. I am impressed by the sweet muscles I am growing in my arms and I haven’t picked up weight in well over a month!!


  2. nice shout out to the hubby and family- sweet! My snack love this week has been this bag of nuts, m n’m’s and little chocolate balls with caramel- the bag said trail mix but it is more like crack!!! Enjoy your fun weekend!

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  3. Trail mix crack!! LOVE IT!! I have a thing for peanut M&Ms. Big Nascar car fan and I LOVE the 18, m&m car 🙂
    My hubby and kids are first on my list always!! I love them to pieces and am very proud of them! They are really great people!!


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