Conversations with Non-Fit Friends – #dishthefit

Happy Tuesdays Fit Friends!!!

The weather outside is frightful, but the weather inside is delightful and lucky for me the hubs is terrific and took the Little Miss to her school family night. I just wasn’t feeling up to going back out again. I really needed some downtime and the big girls needed some homework assistance. So here I am drinking coffee by the fire, chatting with my girlies and writing this post 🙂

It is Tuesday and I am linking up with Jessica and Jill for their weekly #dishthefit linkup.


This week’s topic is: conversations with Non-fitness folks!

I really wasn’t sure where to go with this topic. Sure we all have those funny or annoying conversations with people who think they understand fitness but really don’t have a clue.

For example:

I am running a marathon this week, it is so far 5k. Um not all running races are marathons 😉 


Another funny one that comes to mind is when my mother in law asked if I had won the race after my first half marathon. Um not quite!! 


On a more serious note:

I think having truthful and encouraging conversations with non fitness friends can be really beneficial. So many people secretly want to be fit, but they are scared or don’t know how to get started. A friend who eagerly listens to your long rambles about running or training, might want in on the fun. I like to test the waters and invite them to join me on an easy workout.

Often people you never knew were fitness junkies are closet athletes. For example I was reading a marathon training guide yesterday at work and it sparked a terrific conversation with a supply teacher who has the desire to complete her first century ride this coming summer!! That light conversation may have possibly linked me up to a  new training partner from a very unlikely source!!!

I find people who are not into fitness REALLY REALLY do not want to hear your running, biking, swimming stories. It either annoys them to no end or it makes them feel insecure about their lack of physical activity. Of course, most of us fitness junkies tend to take the conversation way to far and don’t just give “The Coles Notes” version of our workout. I know I personally get VERY excited sharing the details of my workout.




I had a friend who I convinced into running a half marathon, unfortunately she had underlying health issues, back trouble, and she had to drop out of the race. I felt terrible and awkward talking about my training, and even worse talking about the race.


Finding fitness friends can be terribly tricky, especially in a small town. I look to social media to help me connect with other athletes. Luckily I have found LOTS who share my passion and although I don’t have a true conversation with them, I do share through photos and blogposts 🙂


Do you have any funny fitness related conversations??




4 thoughts on “Conversations with Non-Fit Friends – #dishthefit

  1. Jennifer, loved this post and completely identify with it. And shoot, you found some perfect memes! So funny! I love how you have been able to find a balance with talking with people about fitness, and are aware of when to talk more or less. But man, like you said, it’s hard to find local people with the same passion about it! Cheers to blogging. : ) Keep it up! Hope you get that ‘Christmas present.’ haha. And so do I. lol

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  2. I think I’ve come to the realization that I actually don’t really even talk about fitness very much outside of…my blog (I can only say “I lift things up and put things down / I dance around/hang off of a pole/I roll around with sweaty dudes and try to choke them out” in so many different ways! 😛 ), and/or if I’m working out and someone comes over to talk to me, but I’ve definitely gotten my fair share of random amusing comments from people who don’t necessarily understand what I’m doing!

    Love the memes you chose, and social media has definitely helped me to find people to share my love for fitness/healthy living with! :]

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  3. Love the humor in this Jennifer! The conversations can be beneficial but often times offering advice or help is taken the wrong way. If I’m asked I’ll chat away! Otherwise, I curb my enthusiasm even though I want to shout from the rooftops, just try and see how amazing you can feel!

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  4. So what do you do when most of your friends are NOT fitness focused including your significant other? The amount of times I have to explain no I cannot make a last minute happy hour on a Tuesday at 430 is frustrating. .No amount of tell me these plans in advance seems to resignate..Instead I get a lot of eye rolling and comments like “will it kill you to miss one day?”


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