My Weekend – Meal planning and workout recap.

Hey There!! Happy Sunday!!!

I have had the busiest most Productively Awesome Weekends!!!!

Friday at work was INSANE!! I chose to let loose Friday night with great friends, pizza, wine and chocolate!! It was fun, relaxing, and delicious!!! Wendy also brought me a present! She bought me a #selfiestick and it is awesome. We had a ton of fun taking selfies that night!




I couldn’t have too much fun because Saturday I had the opportunity to attend a workshop at school. I am certain most of you already know this, I work as an Education Assistant at a public elementary school. Its a small school of about 175 kids and I currently LOVE my job and position!!!

Our principal is a go getter and is always looking at ways we can expand our learning and work together to empower each other (staff) and best teach our students! She believes we have the BEST students in Canada and our motto is Putting Kids First!!!

A principal from down the way came up to our small town to provide us with 2 types of training. In the morning we learned more about the Mind’s Up curriculum which focus’ on how children learn and the science behind it.

We learned how to be an emotional leader and how being mindful in the classroom can have positive effects. I personally believe that we need to tackle the underlying issues with kids before we can expect them to learn.


I do not believe our students come to us unloved, but many do come hungry, tired, and broken 😦

I know when we work to repair those feelings and build a solid relationship with our students they are much more likely to achieve!

In the afternoon we discussed The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, By Franklin Covey


We only made it through the Foundation and Habit 1: Be Proactive.

Things that stood out:

  • Your public life and personal life must be in alignment.
  • You must have both strong character and be competent to be successful.
  • It is not enough to be indepedent in your life you must be interdependent.
  • Your principles and values affect your personal paradigm (how you see the world!)
  • We need to keep our emotional bank account in check
  • Being proactive means taking responsibility for your own actions
  • Focus on the things u can control not the  things out of your control
  • The language we use really affects our perspective.


It was an intense day and really had me reflecting on my life.

Last night we had a quiet girls night, we watched movies, ate popcorn and relaxed.  I love introducing the big girls to some of my favourite older movies. Last night Em and I watched The Help. She was shocked at the  inequality!!


We also played few rounds of Mario Kart!

Today I got busy!!

I made a yummy breakfast, cleaned my house, got a run in, did the shopping, baked and cooked a fantastic Sunday Supper!!

IMG_5176 IMG_5173 IMG_5180

I can honestly say that I feel like I have it all together today!!

Workout Recap Monday February 2- Sunday February 8, 2015

IMG_5006 IMG_5174

Monday – Piyo Sweat and 3.1 mile run for 5 by the 5th, yoga

Tuesday – Hardcore on the Floor and a 3 mile bike ride, yoga

Wednesday – Crosswim, Yoga

Thursday – Piyo Drench and 1 mile run

Friday – Rest Day and 3 miles on the bike, Yoga

Saturday – Piyo Strength Intervals and 1 mile run

Sunday – 4 mile run, Yoga


*** I have a few crazy challenges going on 1) just finished #sweatpink #noexcuses 2) 5 by the 5th (5 k before the 5th of every month) 3)#sweatpink and PrAna #TaketheLeapyoga challenge 4)#streakingwiththe COOLkids movement challenge for February. It is technically a run, walk, crawl challenge, but since I am Trihardmama I am being a rebel, twisting the rules and making it a Swim, Bike, Run, Walk, or Crawl challenge! 🙂

I am also starting up with the Runner’s World Magazine Hip check routine to keep my old mama hips in tip top shape as I kick up my running routine!

So that may explain the extra work load!

Meal Plan February 8-14, 2015


S- Roast beef, roasted veggies and sweet potatoes

M – Left overs

T – Breakfast for Dinner

W – Tomato soup (didn’t get to it last week)

T – Leftover soup

F- Pizza and salad

S – Valentine’s Day supper

Breakfast – Oatmeal, eggs, green smoothies

Lunch – Salad, eggs, greek quinoa salad and chicken, soup

Snacks – Energy bites, date squares, Shakeology, cut up fruit and greek yogurt.



I am also lining up with Jill and Laura for their weekly meal plan share!!

What’s for dinner??

Have you had any really cool work training??


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