Friday 5 – Fitness Snapshots

Happy Friday!

I have to say this week has gone by very quickly and I am feeling pretty great. I was able to hit each and every workout and am so glad that it is my rest day!!

I am linking up today with Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney for their Friday 5. I am also going to link up with Jill and her Friday Fitness link up. So many link ups I love it!!!

This week’s Friday 5 link up topic is Fitness Snapshots!


I thought rather than post snapshots of  5 of my favourite fitness moments, I would post a snapshot of each of my favourite different workouts!!

1. Running – I have been running since 2011 and totally consider myself a runner, even though I am far from being speedy. I am able to run more often now that I own a treadmill. I am currently registered for two races in 2015.


2. Swimming – I didn’t always love swimming, in truth I hated swimming as a kid. I liked play at the dock, but couldn’t swim a length of the pool to save my life. Luckily, my husband was a swimmer as a kid and he encouraged our children to be swimmers. I eventually learned to swim properly and now it is one of my favourite sports!!


3. Biking – Ugh Biking!! I had always HATED biking for 2 main reasons. 1- totally terrified of falling 2. bike seats SUCK!! Let’s be honest ladies, bike seats are terribly uncomfortable. However, last Spring I buckled down, bit the bullet and dug out my bike.  Low and behold, I built up a tolerance to the seat, bought biking shorts and added a wimpy gel seat. However, wimpy seat or not I am out there riding my bike and quite honestly LOVING it. I actually love the feeling of flying down hills ad on the straight aways. Feels like flying!


4. Piyo – My core is weak, has always been weak. I also really love workouts that push me hard and make me sweat. I love those endorphins!! Core work and yoga just don’t give me that rush or sense of accomplishment. But I know that they are crucial to injury prevention and will really help me get the results I want from running and triathlon. So this January I took on Piyo. It is a great program, I am mixing it up with triathlon training to help give me that post workout rush.


5. Strength Training – I love lifting weights. I don’t get to it as often as I like, but I sure do love the muscles that I get when I lift regularly.


What are your favourite fitness snapshots??



11 thoughts on “Friday 5 – Fitness Snapshots

  1. Great pictures. I always loved swimming as a kid, but havent done much more than splash around in a pool for years. Need to get back into it since I’m doing my first triathlon (a sprint) in May.

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