Meal Plan!!

Good Morning!!


It is a very cold Sunday in Northwestern Ontario!!!  We are headed back to the arena one last time watch some senior skating. These girls, all Rebecca’s age, hear a song for the first time and create their own short routine that interprets the music! It is a fun event!!

Afterwards we will do some grocery shopping and make a stop at Walmart for odds and ends before driving the 3 hours home.


How my fridge always looks after shopping day!

I will be keeping this post short and sweet, as I usually have workouts to recap. But other than a half decent run on Thursday and a few COLD walks my this was the week of workouts that didn’t happen. Gym bags were forgotten, alarm clocks that were not correctly set and of course the cold that was at least short lived! Next week will be GREAT! I am sure of it!

Meal Plan February 1 – 7

S – Rostissery chicken and veggies, maybe made into salad or wraps.

M – Left over chicken, rice and roasted vegetable.

T – Tacos

W – Tomato tortalinni soup

T – left overs

F – Pizza and salad


Breakfasts – green smoothies made with Shakeology

Lunches- eggs, salads, soup

Snacks – protein bites, fresh fruit and yogurt

Its not an exciting week, but not being home for an entire weekend doesn’t allow me to be that adventurous or do much meal prep tonight. I think I will have all my bases covered nutritionally and the kids will love all the meals, which helps!

I am drastically attempting to CUT out Sugar this week. Something that has taken over my life!!

Wish me luck!!



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