5 Things Friday

Happy Friday!!!

I am pretty excited because this week I actually have Friday off from work! We are once again headed down the highway to Kenora. But this time it isn’t for braces it is to watch our oldest daughter Rebecca compete in a regional Figure Skating competition. This is even more exciting for us because Rebecca took last year off from skating and we really missed watching her skate. PLUS we are leaving the other two munchkins at home and having a weekend with just the 3 of us!!

She is performing in 3 events – Pre-Introductory interpretive skating to the song – “That’s Entertainment”,  her Junior Bronze Free Skate to the song “I knew you were Trouble”. And a Team event where she will perform a loop loop combo!


This week I am linking up with the Courtney Eat Pray Run DC, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What and Mar at Mar on the Run 


Their optional Friday 5 topic was: your favourite indoor workouts. Mine are pretty boring and you already know them. Beachbody programs like PIYO and X3, swimming, yoga, my bike trainer and now my new TREADMILL. Not at all exciting. I don’t go to any really cool and different classes like TRX or barre. 


So instead I thought I would make up my OWN Friday 5, hopefully thats ok!

5 Things EVERY Healthy Skating Mom should bring with her when travelling to a Skating Competition.

  1. Healthy snacks – arenas sell all kinds of snacks, none of them are guaranteed to be healthy. So I ALWAYS travel with healthy bites in my bag! This year I am not only bringing my favourite selection of KIND and VEGA Bars. I am also bringing Nature Box dried mango and trail mix. I also want to ensure that Becca has healthy options to snack on as I want her body performing well and keep her nourished!
  2. Water Bottle – arenas are cold and dry and it is easy to get dehydrated. I always carry with me my own refillable water bottle. Not only is it good for me but its kinder to the environment. It also keeps down the temptation for drinking sugary beverages like pop or juice! I also bring a travel mug for hot beverages!!
  3. Gym clothes – Since Rebecca is only skating in 3 events over the entire weekend, I am bringing my gym clothes in hopes of hitting up the hotel gym. It doesn’t always work out, but I like to be prepared!
  4. Smart phone – I can use it to take her photo, video her skate, and SHARE SHARE SHARE. But I can also use it to keep up with MyfitnessPal to try to keep my calories in check.
  5. Warm clothing – Not sure this is a healthy mom necessity but it sure is a no brainer when it comes to skating competitions. I dress in lots of layers, including warm hat and mittens. I also am sure to bring a heavy warm blanket  to snuggle under while we CHEER her and others on!

IMG_4643 IMG_0124

These items are of course applicable to other sports moms. I bring similar items for swim meets, other than the warm clothes!

Are you a sports mom? What do you bring with you to keep healthy??



12 thoughts on “5 Things Friday

    1. I am a dance mom, swim mom and skate mom!! it takes a lot of planning and organizing!! Marching band thats cool!! my daughter learned to play the clarinet this year!


    1. I am so sad to report that I left my gym bag at home 😦 I was looking forward to a swim tomorrow morning and now i can’t do anything 😦


    1. I wasn’t a sports kid so this is all new to me, or was when she was little! I ws lucky enough to find both a triathlon and running magazine in the drug store! Pretty awesome because they are hard to find in my neck of the woods!!


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