Happy Wednesday!!!

I have taken a sick day and am doing my best to rest up and get rid of this cold of mine. So far a long mornings nap has helped a great deal. We are also currently experiencing a, hopefully short-lived) snow storm. School buses are heading home early and our evening sports have been cancelled. So it looks like it will be another quiet and relaxing evening for our family.


Sweat Pink started a campaign called #noexcuses. I wrote about it last week when I shared my thoughts on two amazing women who lived by the no excuses mantra.

This week I am writing about what No Excuses means to me and why I choose to live by the mantra #noexcuses!

It is really quite simple, I live by this mantra because for me its the ONLY way to live.

My life is filled with obstacles, I have 3 extremely busy daughters, a full time job, and house to clean, pets to take care of, and on and on and on! I could come up with a MILLION excuses why I could be inactive and eat unhealthy. I could have taken the easy route and not pushed myself everyday to be my fittest self. I could have chosen to feed myself and family with processed foods instead of making all my meals from scratch. Those choices sure would have been a heck of a lot easier!



But I don’t believe in easy! I believe in No Excuses! I believe in Pushing The Limits!!

Sure life does get in the way. My kids get sick or we have to travel down the highway and I don’t get my scheduled workout completed. I sometimes get off track with my nutrition, but I don’t stay off track. I push back and figure it out and get back at it! Being active and eating well isn’t a choice for me its a way of life. It makes me happy and it makes me whole!


Do you push the limits?? How??



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