Managing Cravings – #Dishthefit Link Up!

Happy Tuesday Fit Friends!

I hope you are well, I am struggling with a case of the sniffles. I am working on curing them with Cold 911 Tea from David’s Tea and all natural lemon honey. Honey has antibacterial properties and is rather soothing.


Olivia is sitting next to me working on her math homework and wishing she was crafting! Emily is hard at work studying for her exams this week and Rebecca is loving the fact that she has no exams and is enjoying a free week! She was amazing today, she finished the laundry, walked the dog and cooked us supper! I am in heaven its like having a maid!!! Too bad she can’t just drop out of high school and take care of her mama full time 😉


I am once again linking up with the ever AWESOME and INSPIRING Jessica from The Fit Switch and Jill from Jill Conyers Fitness, Health, and Happiness for their weekly link up #dishthefit. They invite other healthy living bloggers to “DISH” about hot topics. This week is a doozey!!  This week we are dishing about….

over come temptations

Why is this topic such a biggie for me you must be wondering? The honest truth?? I am terrible at overcoming my cravings!

I really feel that unhealthy temptations and cravings are different. A CRAVING is something you NEED to have, an unhealthy TEMPTATION is food that is near by but not necessarily something you desire!!

Unhealthy temptations are often pretty easy for me to avoid. At work, for example, we often have treats in the staff room. No problem I don’t need them or want them so I just say NO. At a party, as long as I haven’t had too many mama beverages, I can usually just pass it up. I am not easily tempted!

CRAVINGS ARE SUPER DIFFERENT!!! I constantly struggle with my cravings. More specifically if I have recently indulged in a treat, it takes a long long time to get that taste or desire for more out of my system. I often have to finish it off completely before I can let it go. That is one reason why I do not have Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Bark Thins in my home. I also don’t have any chocolate in my house that is open. (I have a few boxes of Purdy’s hiding in my closet for the next catastrophe).


My honest advice, if you crave it don’t buy it!! 

Every once in a while I can dig deep and remind myself that eating that treat won’t help me reach my goals. But then I also try to rationalize that “Hey, I am not over weight, I am not an olympic super star, will having a brownie really be the worst thing in the world??”

Of course, it really isn’t the worst thing in the world, But….

If I allow myself to go down that road, I am certain to end up in a place where I am actually overweight and I am no longer capable of reaching my goals.

So my Best Advice:

  • Keep plenty of healthy snacks around the house and in your purse.
  • Remind yourself of your goals.
  • Don’t let yourself get too hungry or tired, we tend to grab what ever is quick and sugary when we are over tired or hungry!
  • Keep all desirables in single serving pieces and find better versions, a chunk of dark chocolate vs an entire Mars Bar.
  • Find a suitable alternative – crunchy (carrots), chips (air popped popcorn), Sweet – fruit,  Creamy – banana “ice cream”, Salty – (nuts – I am not a craver of salty foods, but one challenger said salted cucumber helped her chip fix!)
  • Don’t keep it in the house, have dessert when you are out but don’t bring it home (or you will end up like me eating Salted Caramel Apple Cheese Cake for days!


How do you manage cravings?? Are you easily tempted??

P.S. Rebecca has decided to make 5 different types of cookies while she is off school this week, wish me luck!!


12 thoughts on “Managing Cravings – #Dishthefit Link Up!

  1. I definitely agree with you on keeping it out of the house for the best success. My challenge can be when somebody else brings it in the house. Haha! Fighting food temptations is like being prepared for a storm in some ways (I feel this is relevant being in New England today) you have to be prepared for whatever you may face to get through it! Great post!

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    1. Thanks 🙂 Keeping it out of the house is proving difficult lately with two teens who love to bake. Woke up to Chunky Monkey chocolate banana cookies ugh. i need help!!


  2. First off, very impressed with your daughters! Woot! And, I am the same way with cravings. When I start eating the treats, it takes a long time to go those cravings out of the system, but I don’t want to stop eating treats, so, keeping it out of the house works well for me, like you. And gosh, how could anyone stop eating salted caramel apple cheesecake? Seriously!

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  3. Thanks for the nice comment! I am very proud of my daughters they are terrific people! In truth there is only one way to stop eating car male apple cheesecake – Finish it all!! Which is what I did lol, luckily it wasn’t in one sitting and i had some assistance! Unfortunately Rebecca has borrowed a baking cookbook fro the library and hopes to try nearly every recipe!


  4. Did someone say cookies??? I agree with you, it is easy not to buy it in the first place but then it happens in a moment of weakness you stopped at the CVS for tampons and you discover that jelly bellies are on sale. Yup I buy them! Then I decide it is better to eat them all in one day and just get it over with! LOL! What to do……..


  5. Aww, I hope you feel better soon! ❤ I'm all about tea when I'm sick too, and honey is awesome!

    Keeping unhealthy food out of my apartment is how I deal with it too, because when it's here, I'm way more likely to do the whole "Well, I don't want to eat this, so let me just eat it all and start over tomorrow" mentality. D: Slippery slopes, hahaha. 😛 I need to work on that all-or-nothing thought process! One of my favorite ways to go is also to find healthier alternatives. :]!

    Good luck on those cookies!

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  6. I think your advice “If you crave it, don’t buy it” is the only one that’ll work for me! If it’s in my pantry, I will think about it constantly until I polish it off!

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  7. I’m with you: I try not to buy things I crave. That way if I really, really, REALLY want something, I’m forced to make a special trip for it. But usually, I just wait until the occasional time we eat out to make sure we go somewhere that I can get what I’ve been craving. That way I earn it.

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