Sunday Meal Plan and workout Recap

Good Morning #fitfam and Friends!!

I hope you are enjoying a very relaxing Sunday or as we #sweatpink Ladies call it #zenday!!

I am having anything but a Zenday, I must say. Olivia had a sleepover, Tim is at work and I am trying to make breakfast, field MANY questions and worries from my New Challenge Group that starts today! Every time I start a new group I face the very similar inquiries. Many have never participated in a Facebook Challenge and don’t quite understand the format. Others are simply terrified of sharing personal feelings. Most have never been part of an fitness healthy living challenge and are so scared of failing!

I take my role as Beach Body Coach very seriously!! I don’t simply sell a DVD program and send them on their way. I offer group support to every single customer regardless of whether they purchased an entire challenge pack or just a few DVDs I know that group support is the key to being successful. I am more than willing to hold each of their virtual hands and guide them through the process!

I hope to be able to take some time to Zen out a bit at some point today. But, Zendays are far and few in this busy mama’s life!


Workout Recap

Sunday – piyo core, 10 min bike, ride and 1000m swim.

Monday – piyo upper 20 mins

Tuesday – 5k run for Olive 5K, school yoga, and piyo buns

Wednesday – Crosswim 60 mins

Thursday – Core – oh man that hurt after Crosswim, and 30 minutes on the Bike Trainer

Friday – REST DAY!!

Saturday – 1500m swim ladders

Swim – 2600 m Bike– 7 miles Run– 3.1 miles

Total Workouts: 11 🙂


Meal Plan for January 25- 31, 2015


Sunday – Family Dinner

Monday – Shepard’s Pie with mixed veggies, ground beef and sweet potatoes

Tuesday – Left overs

Wednesday – Chicken taco soup from the freezer

Thursday – Left overs or breakfast for dinner, I have a new omelet maker from epicure!!

Friday – Out of town – restaurant

Saturday – Restaurant (probably pizza)


Breakfasts – left over whole wheat and blueberry pancakes, green smoothies, eggs, muffins

Lunches – Eggs, salads, cut up veggies

Snacks – Protein bars, fruit, plain greek yogurt and berries.

What’s for Dinner at your house?

Is Sunday a Zenday??


4 thoughts on “Sunday Meal Plan and workout Recap

    1. I try to keep it low key, but my oldest skates both Saturday and Sunday and since I work full time I need to “get it all done” on the weekend. I need just one more day 🙂


    1. I really believe in the the motto, don’t just talk the talk, you have walk the walk. Following that motto really helps me connect with my members! Thanks for commenting 🙂


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