Common Mistakes When Starting A Fitness Routine

Happy Saturday!!

I hope you are having an Awesome Weekend!! I am getting stuff done and taking some time to relax!

I am realizing that as much as I want to PUSH HARD ALL THE FREAKING TIME, my body says um “No thanks”!! So today I had afternoon tea and then enjoyed a short cat nap, with my cat!


Tonight my feet are up and I am waiting to watch some chick flicks with my oldest Chicklets!!

Tomorrow I hope to do the same!

Anywho – On to the main topic!

I am starting a New Beachbody Challenge group tomorrow and I am realizing that many are new to physical activity. I wanted to “ARM” them with some info to help keep them on track and motivated and not have them burn out before we even get started!

Top Fitness Mistakes made by Newbies 

and how to avoid them!

1. Go out too hard too fast! Too many people are far too Gung Ho in their first few weeks and want to do all the moves the “hard” way. They fail to realize that they need to modify the moves. This results in VERY SORE muscles. Start off slow, ease your way into the program, don’t be shy, modify!! Work your way up to the standard or advanced moves.

2. Too Heavy too soon. Much like #1 people often jump right into 10 lb or 25 lb weights when they should be using much lighter weights. Start small, record the weight and gradually move into heavier weights. You can’t know how sore your muscles will be that first day. Listen to your body!


3. They pick the workout their friend likes. – This may not seem significant, but trust me if you don’t like the workout you won’t want to participate in the program and that will just lead to a major waste of your money. Try different classes or programs and find one that not only challenges you but makes you smile 🙂

4. Wrong gear!! Anyone how has done p90x3 has heard Tony Horton comment in nearly EVERY SINGLE workout – shoes matter!! If you are lifting or participating indoor DVD style workouts buy training shoes. Running shoes are designed for well RUNNING!! They are not designed for lateral, side, movements! Same  goes for clothing! Heavy cotton tee shirts will get heavy quickly, clothing with seams will result in CHAFFING!! Ouch!! Pick light weight quick dry clothing that has STRETCH!! Ladies – invest in a good sports bra, there are lots of ways to save money your sports bra is not one of them!


5. Going it alone. This one may surprise you, but in the beginning it may be worth your while to invest in a coach or trainer. A trained professional will not only motivate you, but correct your form, help design a program that is just right for you and may prevent injuries!


Bonus Suggestions!!

Nutrition!! No matter how hard you push in the gym:


Additionally – You need to fuel for your workouts! Starvation will only result in quick burnout! Eat a well balanced diet and remember food is fuel!

Do you have any advice for someone just starting out??


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