Pushing The Limits in the Pool!!!

Happy Friday!!

It has been a very long week and I am so happy its Friday!!! Woot!!! Woot!!

This Wednesday I decided to follow my 2015 SLOGAN and


I went to our local pool and participated in Crosswim!!


Crosswim is described as “short bursts of swimming with functional exercises that work your entire body.” The program is excellent for beginner athletes, those looking for something new and fun or triathletes looking to get more time in the water. I love that I can swim and strengthen my body in one workout.

The swim segments are only 50 meters long, you can either push hard on the swim or use it as a recovery!

The exercises are tough and diverse! They include traditional body weight Cross Fit style exercises like squats, push ups and planks.

The workout didn’t seem overly tough on Wednesday night, but let me tell you I was sore by Thursday night! Even child’s pose during my Piyo core workout HURT!!

Here is a picture of our board – true to typical Cross Fit style workouts. the workout is written on the board and we chip away at our own pace.



We started with 10 minutes of easy swimming any stroke to warm up.

Each set of the circuit was run through twice. I repeated each set twice others ran through the entire circuit once before repeated. Once again you just have to make the workout your own. The sets are quick and the hour long workout flies by quickly!

After the workout I did 5 minutes of cool down and worked on my breast stroke. Then hit the sauna – a real treat!!!!

We had an excellent coach on deck to demonstrate each move and  help us with our form. She assisted beginners wit modifications and was sure to push me to my limits, no slacking off allowed!!

The Hubs and I signed up to participate every Wednesday so stay tuned to more great workouts from Crosswim!



Have you tried any new and exciting workout programs??

Do you like to swim? Cross Fit??



11 thoughts on “Pushing The Limits in the Pool!!!

    1. That is exactly why I am going to this class, my swim portion needs serious improvement! Maybe as your local pool to create a “class”!!


      1. I eventually need to improve my swim, but at the sprint distance, I feel like I would get more bang for the buck improving my bike, in terms of shaving off minutes, you know what I mean? I think I could take a good 10 minutes off my bike time with some better training, and I think I’d be lucky to shave 3 or 4 off my swim. However, it’s way easier to find swim classes than bike classes. I don’t know. Other than your roller/trainer thing, what do you do to train on your bike in the winter when it’s snowy?


      2. For me it was the swim that really held me up! I lost a lot of time getting off track and feeling scared. My transition was brutal!
        As for biking – I would work the legs a s much as possible, squats, lunges adding some plyo moves if possible! Does your local gym have a stationary bike? Could you take a spin class?? A personal trainer that i know told me using a standard stationary bike is almost as good and will still work those same muscles! I shaved a ton of time last year on the bike but switch from my cheap mountain bike to a road bike and am really hoping the new one will be even speedier. I only do 1 tri a year but i am so addicted lol!!!

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