Top 5 Best Fitness Decisions – #DISHTHEFIT

Good Morning and a Happy Tuesday!!!

I am choosing once again to link up with the brilliant Jessica Joy and Jill Conyers for their weekly #dishthefit Link up. This link up draws health and fitness from all over to “DISH” on hot topics. This weeks topic is:


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I have made quit a few fitness decisions in my short but challenging fitness journey, but there are certainly 5 that really stand out!

1. Learning to run – I have only been running for less than 4 years yet it feels like a lifetime. I actually shocked my students when I told them I didn’t start running until 2011 (when I was 33 years old!!). I had always been out of shape and shy. A couple years prior I had taken up Beachbody workouts and walking, but I needed a challenge and had seen an outdoor running class so I got gutsy and signed up. Another woman I knew was also there so that was encouraging! I had only planned on walking but didn’t want to be the odd one out so I ran that first day. Other than terrible shin splints and blisters I had survived and was apparently hooked. Myself and 3 other women went on the run 3 half marathons that year together!


2. Learning to swim – in 2009 I was drowning in my life. My husband travelled for work 25 days a month, I was at home with 3 small kids and I was drowning. So I got ballsy and booked a trip to Tofino to learn to surf ALL BY MYSELF!!! The only hangup I really couldn’t swim, so I approached my daughter’s swim coach and asked for help. She had me enrol in the learn to swim program and well I learned to swim!! That skill not only helped me learn to surf, but it was instrumental in helping me complete my first TRI last summer.


3. Lifting Heavy Stuff – In or around November 2012 I was got up the courage to give Crossfit style lifting a try with my husband and his fire fighter buddies at the fire hall. I was intimidated, but the guys encouraged me and I learned that its ok to lift heavy! I loved how strong my body got, muscles ROCK, and felt like a super star after each workout. I also learned to push past my threshold and really give it my all!!


4. Getting over my fear of biking – Yup its true I am afraid of a LOT of things and one of the biggest is falling off a bike. I was TERRIFIED. Most new triathletes are afraid of the swim portion, but not me thanks to my swimming lessons. I was afraid to fall. But I, once again, sucked it up and took my cheapo bike for a spin (on flat tires to boot). From there I slowly built up my courage and by the end of summer I was cruising on a road bike!!


5. Joining Challenges!!! – This is ONE of the MOST beneficial choices I have made when it comes to fitness. Sure I handled ALL my fears in stride and learned new skills, but the challenges are what has kept me going time and time again. In Challenges like, Holiday Sweat and 5 by the 5th, I “met” new people and was exposed to new workout styles and races. It was these sort of challenges where  I learned about green smoothies and freggies. It was due to these challenges that I learned how to PR my 5k and what running a “goofy” was all about.  These challenges exposed me to fitness blogs and led to my own blog!

Holiday Sweat Challenge is Coming_thumb[8]

I am forever grateful for these experiences and opportunities for they have changed my life. In nearly each of these decisions stands one or more STRONG, DETERMINED, MOTIVATING INDIVIDUALS who have shaped me and help create the ME that I know truly LOVE!!


Part of my #SweatPink #noexcuses Challenge is for me to nominate 2 people who live with the motto of #noexcuses  everyday.

The first person to come to mind is Jodi, a strong woman whom I “met” through HBBC and on instagram. This ole Ma, as she refers to herself, recently completed her first marathon. Every single week last year she plugged away at her milage. She never gave up had made #noexcuses, not even when the weather got bad or when she had worked long hours. She is quite simply amazing. Her tenacity is truly inspiring!!  You can find Jodi on her own blog – Touching your Heart

A second truly inspiring person who I believe lives by the motto of #noexcuses is Sarah from Super Star Fitness. Sarah is a swimmer, personal trainer and triathlete. Her workouts make me tired just reading them. She is constantly pushing the limits!! She pushes the limits in the pool , the gym and in the kitchen. She knows that you can train all you want but if you neglect your diet your performance will suffer!

What are your best fitness choices??

Who motivates you?

Do you live by the motto #noexcuses??



14 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Fitness Decisions – #DISHTHEFIT

  1. Swimming is a biggie for me. I took a swim class in college (yes, I was that motivated 🙂 ) so I learned some technique but I really struggle as a swimmer. I’ve set some swimming goals for 2015…here goes!

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    1. consistency is key. You can’t stay good at things if you don’t keep up with practice. I am “trying” to swim at least once a week.


  2. I could always “swim”as a kid. which means the doggy paddle etc. but i really needed to learn strokes, so I took lessons. Lots of adults can’t swim correctly, find a class you won’t regret it. Swimming in the one sport that you can do forever!!

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  3. Holy Moly, you are a life tackler! Look at all the new things you’ve tried and learned. It’s so inspiring. So curious about those surf lessons you took! I have been wanting to do something like that for so long! And, I want to try road biking really bad too. Guess I need to follow your lead! Thanks!

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    1. I did surfing lessons with surf sisters in Tofino BC. It was life changing. i had never been bold or daring. for the first time in my life i went away on my own and try something new! I even stayed in a hostel lol. Thanks for hosting this awesome link up that pushed my limits in blogging 🙂


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