My new baby!!

Happy Friday!!

I hope you all are having the most AMAZING FRIDAY!! I KNOW I AM!!!

Today I took my beautiful daughters and their amazing friend to Kenora, Ontario for their monthly braces appointment. Its a 3 hour drive each way for a quick 10 minute appointment but we make the most of it each and every time! We visit an terrific local restaurant and eat ridiculously delicious burgers and salads, well they eat fries – but I eat a salad. And of course I pay a visit to Starbucks, which is located inside a grocery store but its Starbucks none the less.  We buy groceries and essentials at Walmart. But today, oh today was special, very very special!!!!



Today I splurged, today I used my extra $$$ earned from Beachbody to further my goals. Today I became the owner of my very first real bicycle!!

 You see up to this year I hated biking. I was terrified of riding a bike!!! Terrified!!!!

This spring my grandmother – Mamere had a stroke and she passed away. At the time I was training for my 6th half marathon, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I had lost my mojo along with my Mamere. One night I was sitting in my living room surfing the internet when the idea of a Tri came back into my head, but of course I was afraid of a bike. I had the largest amount of doubt. I was certain the other triathletes would look down on me because of my cheap equipment (so not true!!).  But I pushed past that fear, learned to ride my CHEAP Canadian Tire  bike (don’t really know an American version of Canadian Tire – it sells cheap sporting goods along with tools, car stuff etc  you get the idea lol). I completed my training, borrowed a decent road bike and did an amazing job with my first sprint triathlon. I was ecstatic!! I was proud!! I was over the moon!! And I was hooked!!

IMG_1755 IMG_2088 (1)

This past fall I stopped into Kenora and checked out bikes at a small AMAZING sporting goods store! I was moving past discount products and into real gear! At the time I was not in the place financially to buy a new bike. So I looked, but didn’t buy. I continued to dream all winter that maybe just maybe someday I would own a REAL bike!

That day happened today!

Recently I started as a Beach Body Coach, I had hoped to earn a few extra dollars to help support my PASSIONS. And low and behold it did!!

Not only am I helping others be their best selves, and they are! I am also now capable of reaching MY personal goals!

I am now the PROUD owner of a BEAUTIFUL GIANT LIV AVAIL!!!! AND a trainer to boot!!!


So I won’t have to wait until spring to get back on the bike, I can now PUSH MY LIMITS in my very own living room. I too can work at being my very best self!!

My poor girlies had to squish their little bodies, and thankfully they are little, into the back of my Dad’s Jeep so I could bring this pretty girl home today. I am so fortunate that they understand my passion, as 3 hours is a long time to be squished up!



We tried to come up with a name for my new girl, she is a girl BTW, Zoe is being considered, But I know I will find the right name for her once we get to know each other 🙂

Are you working towards any specific goals??

Saving for any specific gear?? My next purchase will be a coach for my full, better pedals, a new kick butt helmet (safety first!!!) and marathon running shoes!



2 thoughts on “My new baby!!

  1. I love her! I too have Giant Avail (I think mines a 3, she’s red). I named her Little Red because we sold our old truck that was named Big Red and I used some of the money from the sale to purchase my first road bike. I road her all summer to and from work 2-3 times per week. She’s currently retired to the ceiling of my garage awaiting Spring. Enjoy your new purchase, I never had a single regret. And it’s a wad load of cash to drop.


  2. I love her already!! She rides so smooth! The trainer was a great investment, but you are right it is a lot of cash!! I could have bought a treadmill, but decided this was a more versatile purchase. I can’t wait until spring 🙂
    Thanks for dropping by 🙂


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