Wednesday workout update and #Sweatpink Mad libs!!

Hey everyone I hope you are having an amazing Wednesday. My day was pretty rough but the once thing I have learned is:



My workouts are not something that has been suffering that’s for sure. I am really focused and regardless of how tired I am or how yucky I feel I am getting up, getting out and getting sweaty!!

Workout Update

Sunday – Piyo define upper


Monday – Piyo Sweat and  a 30 second plank for #noexcuses challenge

IMG_4328 IMG_4325

Tuesday – Piyo Define lower and a short cold walk for #noexcuses


Wednesday – Piyo Core, 1.30 mile run, 10 burpees and 15 minutes of stretching for my Beachbody challenge!!


I am really noticing the changes to my body already after 1 week wit hippo. I am stronger and more flexible and only from 20-35 minute workouts!! I know that I will be able to keep up my workout tomorrow too 🙂


Sweat pink recently put out a no excuses challenge to keep us moving through January after Holiday Sweat has finished. We have daily prompts to post about! Another fun aspect is this mad libs to fill out!! You can fill it out too 🙂

Hey 2015, it’s me ___Trihardmama___ (nickname, spirit animal, real name, blog name)
This year I would like to ___run a full marathon____, ___race an olympic distance triathlon____, and __run 500 miles______.
It would also be super duper awesome if I also grew my blog this year_____ this year. It’s not a resolution, though, just a reminder to myself to try and have the best year yet because __my word of the year is CHALLENGE_____.
The thing I am looking forward to most this year is___going to California with Emily___.
I’ll use the one thing that truly gets me out of bed in the morning which is_____to complete my goals____to help me get up, get __moving___ (verb) and get after my #NoExcuses 2015.
Speaking of excuses (ahem), my very favorite excuse is___i am too tired__ and I have used it to get out of doing ____workouts__ and _cleanign the house___ on more than ___one__ (number) occasion.
I vow to move my body and be more healthy this year even if it means I have to ____give up other hobbies____.
Even if my alarm clock gets eaten by the dog in the middle of the night, I’ll still __push play____
I will stop blaming the __my family____ [ex: kids, dog, husband] for eating the rest of the __brownies__ when everyone knows it was really me.
My __family___ [job, hair, car, husband, kids] are not the reason I make excuses. I will show my ____family_ [same as before] who’s boss this year and get my __tri___[type of sweaty activity] on
I know that ___running__[type of workout] is better than ___chcolate__ [noun]
I will reward myself by __buying new marathon shoes and a road bike!!____
No Excuses 2015 has just begun and already I am imagining myself a winner. I can’t wait to rock a ____tank___(article of clothing) from Augusta Active. I can’t wait till my sweaty friends are jealous of how fresh, clean and ____shiny__ (adj) I am between workouts with help from ShowerPill body wipes. I can see myself rocking ___downdogs_[yoga pose / workout move] in new __pair of crops__ [article of clothing from Actio926] from Actio926 and looking fit and fly while doing it. And of course, I’ll be taking my workouts to the next level and improving my ___core__ [noun] with my new ActivMotion Bar to help me train for my next _____10K__ [distance] race with Sasquatch Racing.
Oh, and let’s not forget how amazing my ____shorts__ [article of clothing] will smell in my / during my __run___ [favorite type of workout] after washing with some WIN Detergent. And lastly, I’ll keep rocking my 2015 with clean eats and nutrition from Beaming with Health!
Tag, Tweet, shout-out, call, text, fax or email 3 friends to take this survey and share how they will have a #NoExcuses 2015. Remind your friends to simply fill in the underlined parts!
Use the #NoExcuses hashtag and post to win prizes from Augusta Active, ShowerPill, ActivMotion Bar, WIN Detergent, Actio926, Beaming with Health, and Sasquatch Racing

Its not too late for you to join up with No excuses!.



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