My Motivation Wall – #dishthefit link up

Happy Tuesday Fit Fam!!!

I sure hope its warmer where you are! The cold here is absolutely brutal, I am actually wearing a toque in my house as I type this post!!!

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I am once again linking up with Jill and Jessica for the #DISHTHEFIT link up!! This week’s optional topic is to create a vision board.

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Late last year as I was reading my Triathlon Training Bible I kept coming across tidbits of information that I wanted to keep. These tidbits were motivating and really struck a chord, so I started writing them out on sticky notes. Eventually when I had too many notes I decided to post them up beside my bed, so before I went to sleep at night and when I woke up I could see them and be reminded of my goals!

IMG_2671  IMG_3615




After a while I decided that my post its need some Jazzing up so I created a title and added some scrapbooking embellishments. My talents fall far away from the scrapping realm, but I still think it looks pretty good.


I still keep a stack of post its near by so I can jot down a meaningful quote and I have been known to “Screen Shot” motivational quotes and photos from Instagram that I hope to add to my board later. Always thinking, always working towards my goals.




Last week as part of my January Challenge group I suggested that my girls create their own motivation wall. The results were spectacular! They had quotes and photos and the like. On girl even placed it in her kitchen where she really needed it!!

Do you use visuals as motivation?

Do you have a vision board or motivation wall?

What’s your favourite quote??


10 thoughts on “My Motivation Wall – #dishthefit link up

  1. I like your post-it collection of inspiring/motivational quotes! 😀 My motivation board is currently virtual because I’ve been moving all over the place. Hopefully someday when that’s no longer happening, I can put up one that I can keep updating! :]


    1. I have a motivation board on pintrest that really helps me. I think i need to add a few photos and personal goals to improve my board. I have loved looking at all the amazing boards that I have seen tonight.


  2. I love that you put them beside you bed, so you could see them before you go to sleep, and then when you wake up! SMART! I think it looks awesome. Keep up the amazingness!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Having by my bed really helps me focus on whats important to me when I really need it! I plan to add some of your ideas too first up my goals!!!


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