New Habits – Make One Small Switch

Good Morning!

Christmas Break is about to come to an end. I can honestly say that I really enjoyed and made the most of my two weeks off work. I can also say that even though I LOVE my job, I really, really like being a SAHM. Life with three kids is busy, throw in a blog, my fitness, their fitness and household chore and I tend to get a little over whelmed.

I am doing everything I can today to get organized so tomorrow morning (and the rest of the week) goes smoothly. Positive attitude right!!




I couldn’t sleep last night, again 😦 Not sure whats going on there …


So I read The January/February  Edition of Runner’s World. They had an article entitled…



This article focused on 12 habits that make a better runner. It was a great article that not only introduced the good habit, but gave tips on how to “make it routine”.

I really ought to tackle a few of the habits including: strength train regularly (I do this now, but not always when I am training for a race),warm up and foam roll – guilty of neglecting both of those!!, applying sunscreen (I WILL do that if I ever get outside again), and lastly…


This one has been plaguing me lately, and not just because I have been on Winter Holidays. Before we broke off for break I was constantly exhausted. A big reason for that was lack of proper sleep. I can attribute that lack of sleep to several reasons:

  1. Husband is a MAJOR Snorer!!
  2. Watching TV too late with the girls (its a bonding time)
  3. Sleeping with my phone next to my bed and answering Beachbody Messages too late
  4. Unable to unwind due to the long LIST in my brain
  5. Late afternoon, early evening caffeine! (this is the side effect of being too tired and trying to cope)

So what am I going to do to solve this problem???

Time to make healthy sleep habits.

Here is my plan:

  • Power down at 9 p.m


  • Leave phone in kitchen to charge, wake up with Tim instead
  • Drink sleepy tea at 9 with book or journal.



  • Write a list of all the things I need to do so they don’t hover in my head.
  • No coffee after work – This will be the hardest!!! (going to Drink Decaf for the taste and the warmth until I can get over the hurdle)

Coffee cup - cup of coffee 2 with clipping path

  • Log my sleep in my training journal to follow and evaluate.

I have read that it takes 21 days to form a habit. So I will be doing this until the end of January and then I will re-evaluate.

Now that I am going back to work its time to get back to …

MEAL PLANNING January 4- 10th 2015


Sunday – Salmon with coconut rice and kale from Food52  I have not made this recipe before.

Monday – if all goes well leftover salmon.

Tuesday – Taco night, I will be using large leafs of Romaine instead of wraps as a cleaner option.

Wednesday – Slowcooker Tomato soup with tortellini

Thursday – left over soup

Friday – Pizza and salad – more salad than pizza, but pizza is one of my favourites and I refuse to give it up 🙂

Saturday – I am having an Epicure/Beachbody party so we will be munching and taste testing rather than a traditional meal. The focus is on how healthy clean food tastes great! Epicure is a great company that has gone a long way to clean up their recipes, no fillers or artificial products in their seasonings. Perfect for the busy mom who wants to eat good, but is short on time!! Their motto is GOOD FOOD REALLY FAST!!!

 Breakfasts – 

Green smoothies with Shakeology


Eggs and veggies


Snacks –

Fruit, veggies and Vega Bars

Meal Prep –

  • Cutting up fruit and veggies
  • Making banana bread for the kids
  • Mini quiche for lunches

Whats on you meal plan?? Do you need to make a healthy swap?? Any tips for a better nights sleep?




7 thoughts on “New Habits – Make One Small Switch

  1. My mother is an insomniac, and in my twenties I was worried I was destined to follow in her steps. Then I started running in my late twenties and I couldn’t wait to go to bed! And naps! I took up naps! I hope you solve your sleeping issues. I think 21 days to establish the habit is a good idea…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree running and working out really helps!! My only issue is that I get past the point of tired. Going to try this new routine and hope it works!


  2. Thanks for your comment! I have not heard of that coffee, it sounds great! I drink a tea called Chill, it has valerian root which really helps, but I need to think of it before 1 am 😦


  3. Such great tips! My husband has had his fair share of insomnia and he does a lot of what you’re planning to do. Sleepytime tea, reading, no phone use after 9pm..I hope you get into a good routine and start racking up some z’s!
    Tomato soup with tortellini sounds amazing!! Do you make the soup homemade? ?


    1. So far so good, my routine has helped and I was asleep by 1030 rather than 1!!!
      As for the soup, yes its homemade. Maybe I’ll post the recipe this week for you, its really simple!


  4. Sleep is so important but so hard for mamas! I am the same way with that never ending list rolling through my head. I really try to be in bed by 10- that’s the one thing I can control. I can’t control what time the baby will wake to be fed or the 4yo will be up for the day, but if I get a good chunk on the front end, it helps!

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