Some New Routines for TriHardMama!!

I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Day.

I started my day off slow but eventually dragged myself out of bed and went for a very short and frosty 1.25 mile run to show that I have …




We did something unconventional. I joined up with the Mermaid Club and did my very first Polar Bear Swim to celebrate a New Year and to really embrace my word and phrase for 2015. Believe me jumping into water that was originally under 2 feet of ice in -30C is PUSHING LIMITS!!



First we heated up in the Sauna until we were practically cooked then we quickly ran outside and dipped into the ice cold water. It was invigorating and awesome!!


I was a little too excited off the hop and literally jumped into the water. but it was only 3 feet deep and sustained a few minor injuries. Polar dippers for years to come will remember my inaugural jump! I think a sign is being made –



To top off the day we were invited last minute to an amazing dinner wit amazing friends!!  But my 9 p.m I was done and was asleep with an ice pack on my elbow.

Now on to my new routines!

A couple weeks a go I read about Jill Conyer’s morning routine. She starts each day with an intention and some gratitude before she starts her hectic day.

Speaking of Jill have you checked out her new challenge? Its called Run this year!! Check it out!!

run this year

I have given this a try and find it a wonderful way to get started. Each morning I sit with some lemon water and my journal. It really has helped set the tone for the day. Gratitude is a wonderful thing!


Another routine I am setting for myself is to write in my Believe Fitness journal. I really want to keep better track of my workouts. Up to know I have used my Nike App for running and wall calendars to cross of training schedule days, but what about all the other workout?? That where my journal comes in. It also has a place for me to log long range goals and set out my race/training year!!

I have made it my goal/ bucket list to write in these journals for the entire year!

I will continue to plan my workouts and my meals as I did before in my day planner, Wow I have a lot of books lol!!

I also plan to make it a routine to share my workouts and meal planning here! So stay tuned!!

Do you journal? Have any special routines?


7 thoughts on “Some New Routines for TriHardMama!!

  1. That is crazy! You don’t look like a polar bear! LOL! I am trying out a new binder where I can keep all my stuff in one place instead of 3 binders! Wish me luck! Really though that is amazing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lol i felt like a polar bear, only a little less hairy! I started a binder to store all my Beachbody stuff. Trying to keep it together this year!


  2. Way to go! Your polar bear swim sounds like it was epic! Your journaling goals sound awesome, I like to track all my workouts on Training Peaks, it syncs with my garmin but I can record my other workouts too. I love it because I can do geeky number crunching on the dashboard 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am new to journalling to but I really want to keep track of my training. I am also loving my intention and gratitude, I hope i can keep it up after I start back to work.


  3. I have no words for the polar bear plunge except to say I could never do it haha!

    I love the Believe Journal and your morning ritual. Stick with it and make it a nonnegotiable. You will love how it sets the tone for your day. Also, keep it simple. That way if you only have a few minutes it’s still doable.

    Have a wonderful day friend!


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