Happy New Year to YOU!!

I hope you had wonderful time last night and are not hurting too much this morning!


We celebrated last night with a bonfire, cards and great friends. The temperature even warmed up to about -15C so we were able to stay out all night. We chatted, went sliding, roasted hotdogs and watched our own private fireworks show! I am so very grateful to have friends like these to share our lives with.



Every year I make a BUCKET LIST of ALL the things I want to do over the year. It helps me to appreciate all the fun things that I have done over the year. It also helps me to aspire to great things. I usually keep the list to myself and write it in completely random order but this year I thought I would  share it with you.

2015 bucket list


  • Run a half marathon
  • Run a full marathon
  • Complete an olympic distance triathlon
  • Complete Piyo
  • Do yoga at least 3 days a week
  • Run 500 miles
  • Bike a 50 K ride
  • Run in a new city
  • Ski 10 k
  • Run a 10 k race
  • Complete X3
  • Ride with bike shoes
  • Race with a Family member
  • Help someone run their first 5K


  • Visit a new city
  • Take Emily to California
  • Weekend vacays


  • Take the kids camping
  • Take the kids somewhere new
  • Take the girls to a new museum
  • Go canoeing
  • Weekend Away with each girl
  • Weekend Away with Tim
  • Eat dinner together 4 days a week
  • Have a family game night 1 day a month
  • Have dinner with my Dad 1 day a month


  • Polar Bear Swim
  • Catch a 7 lb fish
  • Knit a new pattern
  • Fish a new lake
  • Throw a party
  • Learn a new game
  • Save my money in a jar
  • Re-evaluate spending practices
  • Make a handmade gift
  • Make a wish
  • Watch Fire works
  • Buy a new dress
  • Meditate
  • Write 3 hand written letters
  • Disconnect 2 weekends
  • 365 days of intentions and gratitude
  • Read 10 books
  • Sew something
  • Craft something with my word and phrase of 2015


  • Grow my blog to 50 followers
  • Blog three times a week
  • Link up with someone new
  • Celebrate  my 1 year anniversary
  • Meal plan and workout plan each week
  • Blog a monthly recipe
  • Host a giveaway with a sponsor
  • Design my own tee shirt – blog name and my 2015 slogan – wear it at a race!


  • Try a new food
  • Try a new recipe
  • Eat at a new restaurant
  • Make a new  type of pizza
  • Eat meatless one a week


  • Buy a road bike
  • Buy clip in bike shoes
  • Buy a Trisuit


  • Gain 5 out of town clients
  • Host 3 Beachbody Challenges
  • Obtain personal trainer certification
  • Have at least 50% of challengers meet their personal goals

There you have it 65 things to do in 2015! I will update the list monthly knocking off  those that I have accomplished!

Do you make a list? What are your big goals? Are they all fitness oriented?




10 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

    1. I usually just write them haphazardly as the come to me but felt i needed them tidy for the blog. I kinda like tidy 🙂
      Have a terrific year!!


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