Good Bye 2014

2014 was good to me!

When I look back I really feel as though I accomplished a great deal over the past year. I learned a lot about myself and believe that I am a different person leaving 2014 than when I entered it.

We started 2014 with a BANG – a New Year’s Eve party that doubled as a fundraiser for my daughter’s dance team. I cannot say my start to 2014 was pretty. I am certain I was really really hungover 😉

In early January my family and a family close to ours headed south, to Disney World. Polar Vortex’s and Flu bugs made for a holiday to remember!

But I was able to realize a Dream Early in the New Year. I ran the WDW Half Marathon. I can still remember tearing up as I ran through Cinderella’s Castle!


The next day we set sail on a 7 day Disney Cruise through the Eastern Caribbean, Where we played in the water, ate amazing meals and snorkelled with sea turtles.

Moving forward, we came home a little softer that when we left so the Hubs and I kicked it with P90X3. I had amazing results, and developed some pretty sweet muscles.



We were also fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit with an Olympic Medalist, Eric Radford. He is the brother of a very close friend! It was a night to remember!


When winter finally ended, around April, I began training for the Manitoba Half Marathon, but it wasn’t really jiving, I didn’t feel motivated.

So one night I got onto Pinterest for some inspiration, and I decided to train for my first Triathlon. It was a long shot as I was TERRIFIED of biking!



But I dug out my cheap Canadian Tire Mtn bike and went anyways. I was super slow at first, it turns out I was riding on near empty tires, total newbie mistake. The hubs took care of me and from there I built some stamina and learned to embrace the speed.


On my 37th birthday I last minute decided to ride 37 KM, I needed a gatorade rescue half way, but I did it and felt very proud!

In early August, my Dad and I went to Calgary on our first business trip. We brought my eldest daughter Rebecca with us. Calgary is a beautiful city! We visited a Horse Rehab centre and Rebecca found her calling. Then we headed into the mountains to Banff, Alberta and enjoyed some mountain biking, hiking and horse back riding! I was scared Sh*tless for most of my hike, but did it and felt like a rock star afterwards!

IMG_1511 (1)IMG_1573 (1)

In the middle of August all my hard work paid off as I completed my very first Triathlon and beat my expect time by 16 minutes finishing in 1:44 minutes!


In late August I competed with my Dad in the Red Lake Fall Classic (a local fishing tournament with 140 boats)- the weather was brutal and we did very poorly, but still looking back anytime with my dad is a true gift.

IMG_1974 (1)IMG_1978


On a whim I decided to run a half marathon in early October, I had been sitting on the fence about whether to run a 10 k or 21.1k. I went with the half and set a PR for the course 2:17  2 minutes  faster than last time.


In late fall I decided it was time to give blogging a serious go, I already loved Instagram and Facebook, it was just the next step. I feel that it has been a success. I am enjoying sharing my thoughts with the world and LOVE all the great people I have “met” through link ups. I feel as though I belong in this “FITFAM” 🙂


My last major triumph of 2014 was becoming a Beachbody Coach. I have been looking at ways I could earn extra cash to help support my desire to race more and buy a new bike. I looked at a few options, but I believe that you must love the product to sell it and I LOVE Beachbody workouts. So I became a coach and put myself out there, I shared my blog and posted Ads on my Facebook. And low and behold people were interested! In fact I have just started my first Challenge group and it has 12 women!! Women who are looking for a change, and I get to help them on my journey. That little step of becoming a coach has changed me. It has brought me such JOY and I haven’t been gotten to the results yet!!

Good Bye 2014, Its been a blast!



8 thoughts on “Good Bye 2014

  1. Hey you ran the Disney Half when I ran the full! Congratulations. Isn’t running through Disney World magical? Just dropped by for the first time here to say I love the name of your blog. Tri Hard Mama. Awesome! Hopefully I will complete a tri this year.


  2. Hey Frank !! Isn’t it cool when you hear about someone else being in the same place as you! I loved running Disney it was an experience of a lifetime! Thanks for dropping by! I hope you do teakettle risk and try a tri it was amazing!!


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