Dear Body – A Dish the Fit Link -Up

Hello Tuesday!

Only 1 more sleep until Santa comes!! I am just finishing up my last minute Christmas shopping and baking. I am just waiting for 1 or 2 more items  to come in the mail, fingers crossed they arrive and then our Christmas will be perfect!


I am once again linking up with the talented Jill Conyers and Jessica Joy in their weekly link up #dishthefit. I LOVE this weeks optional topic of Dear Body – a thank you letter to my body for taking care of me and getting me where I want to be in this life.

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Dear Body,

Thank you so very much for holding me up all these years. I appreciate the fact that you held strong even when I wasn’t taking the best care of you all those years ago. I know sometimes I push you hard and test your resilience, yes I am talking about those long, hard runs. I know that I sometimes neglect to take total care of you and really ought to get those awesome muscles a massage once in while. I am grateful that you are willing to wake up early and push through long days. I am grateful for the three AMAZING daughters that you carried and birthed. 

I want to share how I promise to care for you now and in the years to come. I promise to always keep you moving and I will try my best not to ignore any of the different aspects of fitness. I will work on my flexibility and strength to keep you in tip top form. I WILL push you hard in the year to come, but I promise to fuel you with nutritious foods each and every day. I will take some time everyday to help you unwind and relax to promote overall well being.



Have you ever written a letter to yourself? What would you say?




18 thoughts on “Dear Body – A Dish the Fit Link -Up

  1. Thank you, I am sitting down to work my way through all the letters too. It is wonderful to read how we all appreciate our bodies. We need MORE self love in this world.


  2. I love reading the thank yous! Especially carrying and giving birth to your daughters. I have not been blessed with kids yet, but I hope that when I am I cherish every moment and stay thankful!

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    1. My body has endured some rough patches for sure, but I am so grateful that is stuck it out with me! Having children is a miracle!! Our bodies are amazing!!


    1. sometimes us fitness junkies are the worst. We expect so much from out bodies we need to treat ourselves well if we expect our bodies to hold up under extreme workouts


  3. I love this topic! Such a great way to close out the year. I love your letter to yourself and the promises you have made to your body. A body that can carry three little humans is truly amazing. Cheers to a great 2015!

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