The Best of the Best!!

Happy Sunday,

I am having the most terrific weekend! The weather is warm and I have spent time outside each and every day. Yesterday I ran 4.25 glorious miles and really didn’t want to quit. Today we took Miss O for an XC ski. She had the best time.


My very first Beachbody Challenge, A NEW YEAR, NEW YOU,  is about to start and I have 10 participants! I am so excited to help these ladies learn to live a healthier lifestyle and hopefully they will love fitness as much as I DO. To be honest my heart is bursting with JOY right now.


Even though my challenge has yet to officially start I have personally challenged them to get outside and MOVE even if its just a little bit.

I have also been sharing motivational quotes and images daily. I really want this journey to be the beginning of a TOTAL lifestyle change not just a diet and some exercise. I want them leaving being different than when they started. I want them to LOVE themselves and feel their own JOY towards themselves.


I wanted to SHARE with them today some of the MOST INSPIRING women in my healthy living journey.



So here you have it, my short list of awesome, totally inspiring, life changing BLOGGERS!!

In NO particular order:

Amanda from Run to the Finish, Amanda is one of my first fitness bloggers. She is a runner, coach, gratitude specialist and over all fitness motivator. She has challenged me several times with challenges like Holiday Bootie Busters, Spring Bootie Busters, Clean and Lean and now Holiday Sweat. She has taught me the importance of injury prevention and how to properly fuel my body. She is an amazing coach who helps runners cross the finish line!

Holiday Sweat Challenge 2014_thumb[2]

Tina Reale – My experience with Tina was through her Best Body Bootcamps. She led 8 week long virtual bootcamps where she Kicked my Butt!!! She has designed some of my most challenging and rewarding workouts. Today Tina is a Yoga Guru. She has awesome yoga videos on her blog that you can do right in your living room.You can still purchase those fantastic workouts and do them on your own. If you love working out at the gym and need a plan I suggest you check her out!!

Photo Taken From
Photo Taken From

Jill Conyers Fitness, Health and Happiness –  Jill is a runner, plant based recipe creator and the QUEEN of blogging linkups (she hosts 3 weekly) From clean eating meal plans and recipes, to dishing about HOT fitness topics, and her Fitness Fridays. Jill covers it all.  She is a runner and hosts a year long running challenge! Jill, like me also love Beachbody and has completed p90x several times. However, it doesn’t end there Jill also likes to focus on your ‘spiritual” well being helping people seek Happiness in their lives!

Photo taken from

Jessica Joy – From The Fit Switch – She is Jill’s cohost for the weekly #dishthefit link up. Her Blog is FUN and INSPIRING! I love her spunky personality and the way she presents her ideas. She always has me thinking about how I can bring more Joy into my life and push my limits! She wants to help you go from “Good to Amazing”!! She talks almost daily about her workouts, her experiences, her life and her cooking! She keeps it very REAL! AND she has the funnest workout outfits I have ever seen!

Photo taken from
Photo taken from


Laura Peifer – She is exactly who you expect from her blog title – Mommy Run Fast. A mom to 2 daughters, Laura loves to run!! She is a whiz when it comes to running and healthy living. She helps people lose those sugar cravings in her 21 day sugar detoxes as well as help runners meet their fitness goals. She also hosts several Virtual Running Series each year, including the Spring 5 by the 5th, a challenge I have done several times and is on my 2015 list of things to do! You can sign up too, just click the link above. The challenge is fun and the prizes are great.

Photo taken from
Photo taken from

Lindsey from The Lean Green Bean takes meal prep and planning to the next level. Each Sunday she shares her own personal meal plan and recipes. She often links up with other bloggers to showcase Clean Eating recipes and meal ideas. This new mama, her little one is only a few months old, is also a kick ass Crossfitter! She knows how to push, she worked out until days before she delivered her little Bean. As a registered Dietitian this lady knows her stuff! I love her homemade protein bars and bites!

Photo taken from
Photo taken from

Who has inspired you?

What are your Go to Blogs?


4 thoughts on “The Best of the Best!!

  1. Wow! Thank you! I will forever remember your kind words.

    Congratulations on your first challenge group! I’m hoping Beachbody will come out with a new program soon. Is there somewhere I can sign up for your updates about your next challenge?

    Thank you and congrats again friend 🙂


    1. Thanks for the kind words! I am excited to help these ladies get fit. I have another group planned for the beginning of February. I’ll keep you posted on that. As for a NEW program, so far its just been p90 and Max 30. I personally LOVE Tony Horton and X3. i know there is an extreme version of 21 day fix coming out in February too. Same idea for portion control but tougher workouts!


  2. This is so sweet, Jennifer! Thank you! These are some of my favorite inspiring women, too. And how awesome that you’re kicking off your own group! They are lucky ladies!


    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. I was not sure how this post would be received. I am happy it was loved 🙂 I look forward to your 5 by the 5th and contemplating the January challenge!


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