Healthy Snacking – My After Work Dilemma

Happy Tuesday!

I usually connect with the wonderful Jessica and Jill on Tuesdays for their #dishthefit, but I simply could not write about this week’s topic of “Most Embarrassing Workout Moments.”

So this week I am going it alone this week and am discussing my AFTER WORK SNACKING ISSUES!!

I hold it together really well ALL DAY LONG – this is what my typical work day looks like food wise.

5:30 – Wake up and drink water



7 am – Coffee


8 am – Green Smoothie made with Shakeology, fruit, greens, and almond milk


11 am –  Snack -coffee, plain green yogurt mixed berries and a tiny amount of granola for some crunch.


1 pm – Lunch! chopped up veggies and boiled eggs or roasted chicken breast – maybe a muffin or an orange.


4. pm CHAOS – I inhale whatever is in my path – usually coffee, water, a cookie or three or a muffin. I sometimes manage to keep it together and eat fruit or a VEGA Bar.


6 pm Dinner – Often soup or tacos or roasted meat and veggies.


9 pm – Tea and a treat like a cookie sometimes usually when I am really tired. Some nights its just tea.


As you can see I keep it together all day long until 4 pm when All HELL BREAKS LOOSE. Then I eat a very sensible supper, I really enjoy tea and dessert before bed its a simple pleasure that I may to enjoy until the day I die. As long as I am well within my BMI and Feeling Fabulous I will continue to eat my bedtime treat.

What I am not satisfied with is my after school lack of control.

I reached out to some of my fellow Sweat Pink Ambassadors for their input on my situation. They had excellent advice! Most recommended having only healthy snacks in the house, in a perfect world I would do just that.

Angelena Marie Happy, Healthy and Balanced suggested having a big ol’ Glass of water when I first get home. She also thinks I should keep snacks in the car to stave off my cravings when I get home.

Others suggested I look for high protein snacks. That got me thinking what if I combined my love of chocolatey treats and healthy high protein foods. I am a pretty good cook and not afraid of creating my own snacks.

Lucky for me Google and Pintrest are FULL of HEALTHY options!

Here are a few examples of things I plan to make over the holidays in preparation of going back to school in January. has an excellent slideshow that showcases 25 homemade protein bars and bites!


Chocolate Covered Katie has a terrific recipe for homemade Fudge Brownie Chocolate Protein bars hint they are made with black beans!


Yummy Mummy Kitchen has an excellent selection of Yummy looking healthy for me treats that are sure to satisfy my sweet tooth and do my body good at the same time! these pumpkin balls look amazing!

pumpkin protein balls

How do you handle the afternoon cravings? Do you have a different witching hour? Any great recipes you want to share??


2 thoughts on “Healthy Snacking – My After Work Dilemma

  1. I’m so so behind on blog reading! I call that time the bewitching hour! There is just something about getting home from work that makes the urge to snack take over. I’ve tried everything and the closest I’ve come to not having the desire to snack when i get home is to have a workout scheduled at that time. I know I’m not likely to skip the workout and it keeps me busy until closer to dinner and the bewitching hour passes. The only problem is I love love morning workouts. #fitnessproblems haha!

    BTW, love Starbucks Christmas Blend and Vega bars!


  2. A workout at that time is a brilliant idea. My problem is that I get home for work and have to leave to drive my daughters to their sports in less than 30 minutes! VEGA has the best bars!!!


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