GOALS – A Look Ahead to 2015

Happy Tuesday!!

Its time to #DISHTHEFIT !!!!!

Every week I try to link up with the inspiring Jessica Joy and Jill Conyers for their #dishthefit link up. This week’s HOT TOPIC – What are your goals for 2015???

It feels like yesterday that I was sitting down writing out my goals for 2014. Each December I make a LOOOOONNNNGGG list of the things I hope to accomplish during the following year. The list is varied and helps me to see the fun in my life. Some of last years hi lights  – visit a new country, try a new recipe, race a new distance, try something that scares me …. the list goes on. I think there are over 50 TO DOs in total!


While I am not quite ready to create my long list for 2015, I do that over Christmas break with a hot cup of coffee and cookies (oh wait I am having those now ;), I am ready to share a few hopes/dreams/aspirations for 2015.




1 – half marathon

1 – triathlon – olympic distance


1 – 50K plus bike ride

2 – 10 k races

Ski 10 k

Complete PIYO and X3 again.




Race in a New City (Ottawa?? Chicago?? Toronto??? Vancouver???)

Take Emily to California for dance!!




Build Beachbody business – host 3 challenges

Gain 5 out of town “clients”

Obtain my personal trainer certification

Re-evaluate spending practices

Save in money a week jar from pinterest!


Work on my tired emotional eating – AKA coffee and cookies after a long day at work.



Take the family on one short vacay somewhere new

Go camping

Have 1 weekend alone with each girl

Weekend away with just Tim




New Bike

New Macbook

Bike shoes (clip in style yikes)


What are your goals for 2015? Do you plan out specific races or just distances?


11 thoughts on “GOALS – A Look Ahead to 2015

    1. It is so hard not to spend. Everytime I turn around someone needs something. Good luck to you. if you have any tips I am listening 🙂


  1. Love your list of goals! I’m hoping Beachbody comes out with new programs in 2015. I’ve burned myself out on all the P90Xs and Les Mills Pump. Love them but it’s time for something new! I can’t imagine ever getting tired of Piyo. Love it! By Jan I will have a specific race calendar planned. For now it’s just knowing what distances I want to focus on, ultra and half 🙂

    I’m looking forward to watching you crush your goals in 2015!


  2. Jennifer…I LOVE HOW YOU DO THINGS! I love that you have a tradition every year of sitting down and making goals for the next year. Everyone should do that! Your list is amazing. You aren’t afraid of challenges…or if you are…you do them anyway, which is even better! I need to get cycle shoes too. yowz. So excited for all your goals, and to see them all get knocked out! Go get ’em!


    1. Thanks! I am terrified of a lot of things, but I don;t let it stop me from having a full life. Courage means doing something even when you are afraid!


  3. Wow girl! Look at those goals!! I’m sure you will crush every single one of them! From what I’ve seen so far from your IG and posts, you finish what you start. 🙂 You are a go-getter and I love that about you! Best wishes to you and the new year’s goals!


    1. Thanks for the LOVE!! They are lofty goals. I have wanted to run a full for a long time. I think this might just be the year to do it. I plan on applying for Chicago – if I get in then its meant to be!


  4. You’ve got a great list of goals!! I don’t have the guts to do a full next year, but I think I will some day! It’s on my later bucket list! With all the goals you have, I think you’ll have a great 2015!


  5. I love your goals! I just did mine too and have plans to do at least 3 tri’s next year, with one traveling to a different city. Thankfully it’s a distance I can drive so it’s easy to bring my bike. Best of luck & happy New Year!


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