Its Sunday Night, my girls and I are cuddled up in the living room watching Heartland – Rebecca’s Favourite TV show. She loves ALL things HORSES!!


Today has been a really special day.  We enjoyed a family breakfast, went for a hike in the bush and found our Christmas tree. We baked cookies and had Papa Bear and my niece over for a super simple supper. It was close to perfect!


Emily and I had a heart to heart about finances and budgeting. I am a firm believer in that you do’t need MORE. We have a lovely life. We are far from rich, however we need nothing and want for little. My daughters are extremely active and that costs a LOT of $$$. Because of those activities we live on a budget. We are regular people and thats part of life. I am trying to teach my kids that we can’t have it all and that it is more than ok to hear the word NO and to live simply!


Living simply is something that I strive for each and every day. Complicated is not for me.

This time of year can be exceptional complicated. This week we have all of our regular activities plus a dance recital and a birthday party. To keep things in check I have planned super simple meals – Spaghetti in the slow cooker, fajitas, and soup.

As for Christmas I am keeping with the simple theme and purchasing FEW gifts. I don’t need to buy just for the sake of spending money.  I did the same for Christmas dinner – totally passed that on to my dad and mother in law.

Just because life is getting hectic doesn’t mean I have to let it get out of control. Take it slow, keep it simple. I am asking my self …

if it doesnt further

How do you keep it simple? Do you go all out for the holidays or prefer the minimalist way like me?


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