Friday 5 – How to Get in More FREGGIES

Happy Friday!

I have had a busy Friday, my BFF and I took our daughters to the Orthodontist. While that may seem like a simple task to many it is a 3 hour drive each way to our Ortho and it makes for a long day. Couple that with a rumbly belly and headache and Christmas shopping – I am TIRED!


While I try my very best to eat well while on a road trip it certainly isn’t easy. I have come a loooonng way with my nutrition when it comes to road trips. 5 years ago a trip out if town would mean loads of bad food particularly McDonalds and Pizza Hut and several Sugary Lattes. I would always return feeling sick and disgusting. My husband and I would drive home promising to get healthier!


Today was different! Today we made a quick stop at a small local bakery and I had an unsweetened coffee with skim milk and a whole wheat muffin. For lunch we stopped at a local eatery and while the girls had burgers and fries (not the processed kind) I chose a quesadilla and only ate half! I saved the rest for tomorrow. it wasn’t perfect any means I still had one latte from Starbucks, but we only ate 1 meal in restaurant and came home for supper.


I managed to get all my Freggies for Holiday Sweat and when I finish my Green Juice I will have managed to suck back 9 Freggies in total the GOLD STANDARD!!

Here are 5 tips to getting in more Freggies and Hitting the GOLD STANDARD according to Amanda @ runtothefinish  – she just created a post with numerous ways to hit the GOLD STANDARD!!

1. Smoothies!! You can LOAD a smoothie with both fruits and veggies and drink it up easily! My typical smoothie has a least 3 servings and the recipe options are ENDLESS!!!


2. Soup or sauces – you can easily chop, mince or blend veggies up and cook up easily to create a power house if veggies. Try sneaking in spinach and zucchini to your next spaghetti sauce for an added bonus.

3. Meal Prep – it is much easier to grab cookies  if you don’t have freggies pre chopped and ready to go. I always cut up a bunch of veggies for my snacks and lunches to increase my freebie intake.


4. Go for real fruit mixed with your plain yogurt rather than the pre-sweetened “fruity” flavoured yogurt. I take frozen berries more affordable in the middle of winter, and mix it with plain greek yogurt for my morning snack at work.


5. SALADS – skip out on iceberg and croutons, head to super greens like kale, spinach and swiss chard. Load it up with other fruit and veggies like tomatoes, cucumber peppers, berries, citrus fruit. Name a Freggie and it can go in a salad. Try new recipes.


How many Freggies do you get in a day?

Road Trips? What do you eat? Do you pack snacks like I do?


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