December – How I Plan To Finish The Year Off Strong!

Hello! It’s December 1st , where has the year gone? Feels like yesterday that we were getting ready for last Christmas. This entire year has gone by in a blink of an eye.


I am sitting in my living room with my girlies – we are all feeling crummy and playing hooky from school. We are watching our very first holiday movie, The Santa Claus 1. I love these traditions. Christmas is a magical time for my family, but also a very busy one. With Christmas parties, birthday parties, dance recitals and school concerts, December flies by.

girls couch

Staying fit and healthy during this holiday season is not easy. It would be much easier to cave and allow myself to slack off on fitness and stuff my face with goodies galore. However, I am not known to take the easy route.

So how do I stay motivated?

The biggest thing that keeps me on track during this hectic season is Amanda’s Holiday Challenge. formerly known as HBBC, The Holiday Sweat Challenge awards points for exercise and eating your fruits and veggies. While you are not penalized for eating treats, the positive reinforcement of eating clean sure helps to keep me on track. Hundreds of other women (an one guy) are out there eating healthy and staying fit, surely so can I. Not to mention the AMAZING prizes that I win every single year!!

Holiday Sweat Challenge 2014_thumb[2]

SCHEDULE SCHEDULE SCHEDULE!!! I have said it before and I will go to my grave saying it! Put it in a plan, write it down, and follow through. I am much more successful when it is organized and planned.

KISS – KEEP IT SIMPLE SILLY. I pick short and sweet exercises and simple meal plans this time of year. All I really need is 30 minutes exercise and some fruit, veggies, lean protein and whole grains to keep me healthy.


THINK AHEAD, parties often scrimp on the veggies and load up on the meat, cheeses, and desserts. So before I go I aim to get in as many Freggies as possible. A big green smoothie does just that. Its quick its loaded with protein and vitamins and I can drink it as I get ready to go.


I try to keep my beverage calories under control. Egg Nog made with whole cream and a plethora of PSLs won’t do me any good!! I keep a water bottle with me to help me stay hydrated and avoid anything too sugary. I prefer to eat my calories rather than waste them on drinks.


How do you stay fit and healthy overt he holidays? Did you know the average North American gains over 5 lb during the holiday season??


4 thoughts on “December – How I Plan To Finish The Year Off Strong!

  1. I opted not to do the Holiday Sweat Challenge, kinda sad to be missing out on the fun, but I needed to take a step back after a busy race season. I keep myself motivated by having more races in the near future, though. It’s just a quick break before the mileage starts piling up again! Sounds like you have a good plan to finish the year strong 🙂


  2. Thanks for the comment Lauren! Taking a break and running for fun is good for the body and the soul. I hope to race again in May. How about you? I am not doing so well with the challenge this year. I think I need to downgrade my selections from fast and furious to the lowest option. i don’t have a lot of time and am happy with just 30-60 mins a day 🙂
    Have a terrific December!


  3. Great plan! You are going to have a great December!
    I am not doing the sweat challenge but I certainly do make a point to sweat a lot lol. I am with you, no 5 lb weight gain for me!


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