5 Things Friday

Happy Friday!

Today I am not choosing to link up, but rather make my own 5 Things Friday.


This week’s topic – 5 Reasons to LOVE Winter. Yup, you heard it right, the woman who hates winter is trying to sell you on winter. Being negative only gets you so far, so here you are.

1. Fuzzy everything – Scarfs, mittens, sweaters and slippers. Everything you won or wear these days is fuzzy and warm.


yes I know my socks don’t match lol!!

2. Hot beverages  and food – I love all things warm including warm food! I love drinking hot coffee and tea and prefer hot soup to cold salads or smoothies. Warm oatmeal in the cold mornings warms more than my body it warms my heart!


3. Winter Sports – When you live in the cold Canadian North your summer sports and winter sports  are very different. I summer I run, bike and swim. I winter we head indoors. My daughter figure skates and my husband and i curl with a group of great friends.


4. You can stop shaving your legs! – Cant do that is summer with shorts and skirts, but in winter can can get away with a few extra days of not having to groom (see fuzzy everything!)



5. Snow – While I definitely don’t love the cold, I surely don’t hate snow. The very first few snow falls can he our dull brown landscape into a winter wonderland. The ice and snow sparkle and glisten on trees and the lawn. It really is a beautiful sight. I could not imagine not having at least some snow.


Bonus – Winter getaways. While we are not planning a winter getaway this year, our family often travels to far away tropical HOT destinations. It is a great opportunity to see the world and escape the COLD!!


Can you think of any other reasons to love winter?? The Holidays??


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