#dishthefit – How Do You Simplify Your Active Lifestyle

Happy Tuesday!!

I know I have been pretty absent. Life got hectic and I had to prioritize, family and work came first. I was able to keep up with my fitness although a fair bit of chocolate may have been consumed. I had a huge undertaking of christmas chocolate fundraising orders for my daughter’s dance team. It took me close to 8 hours yesterday putting it all together. My eyes were bugging out of my head!! Unfortunately, this meant that blogging had to go by the wayside.

Up to my eyeballs in organizing my daughter dance fundraiser for #chocolates.

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My life will never be simple, working full time with 3 daughters makes me certain of that. But that doesn’t mean my fitness and healthy living lifestyle can’t be simple. In fact its just the opposite  – I DO NOT have the time for COMPLICATED. How do I keep it simple??

The fabulous Jessica Joy and Jill Conyers have asked this question for their weekly #dishthefit link up.

  • Follow a plan! I don’t do well without structure. I do not have time to wake up and think what shall I do today! I prefer to jump  crawl out of bed and do what is scheduled. This applies to my running and tri – training as well.
  • IMG_0413_2


  •  I avoid the gym 😦 Gasp but its true. While I love what the gym can offer, right now its just way to complicated!! I hate the time suck that occurs by getting ready and driving to the gym. Plus, its not fun getting there to find that the 3 treadmills, and 1 bike is already taken.


  •  I move indoors in winter. While I try to run outside a once or twice a week in winter I really prefer to just pull on my shorts and tank and push play on one of the many great Beachbody DVDs that I own. Its easy, its simple and it works!! I can choose from cardio, weights and yoga in the comfort of my own home! Now that’s simple!!!


  •  Simplicity doesn’t end with physical activity – food is a huge part of the plan.  To avoid major food mishaps I meal plan and shop weekly. This keeps me from buying impulse items and eating junk.


  • Smoothies!!! Part of our #holidaysweat challenge is to eat 7-9 Freggies (fruit and veggies). This could be a lot of work! Green smoothies simplify this BIG time! I love Shakeology, Vega protein, frozen fruit, greens and almond milk. They are filling, tasty and portable. Just this morning I had to drink my breakfast in the van on the way to work.


  • Easy portable snacks. There are soooo many great clean healthy options when it comes to snacking. Obviously there is fruit, but there are also terrific options that are full of protein and taste great. Vega makes my very favourite protein bars!!

How do you simplify your lifestyle to make healthy living sustainable?

Proud to be me:

Day 24: – I am proud of my ability to over come difficult situations. Today I had the unfortunate situation of having to spend time in a suicide prevention workshop. This was not an enjoyable experience. But I stayed and I made the very best of it and learned a great deal.

What is one ability that you are proud of?

Day 25 – One accomplishment I have for which I am really proud is – That I started and completed my university degree from home, while working full time and raising three girls! This was not a small feat, I worked very hard to accomplish this goal and I am super proud!

What have you accomplished that you are proud of?






12 thoughts on “#dishthefit – How Do You Simplify Your Active Lifestyle

  1. You should be super proud, congrats! Life does get busy and we have to keep it simple to succeed! I follow an exercise schedule that is planned at least one week in advance. I to roll about of bed and do not want to decide if I am exercising today or not- if it is on my schedule, BAM- get it done! Enjoy your Thanksgiving! and I am super excited that I made it to the end of the training program, i did not quit!

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  2. Love your routines! You have made no excuses for yourself, and it’s impressive. You have found a way to stay very healthy despite being incredibly busy. What a great example. And, I love the freggies. : ) I am trying to amp mine up too, and I forgot about the smoothie route! Thanks so much!

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  3. DVDs at home is a great idea that I keep overlooking! Thanks for the reminder! It seems the only way I can get in alllllll those veggies is the almighty smoothie! #lovemyvitamix! Great ideas, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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    1. Its so cold outside that I just prefer to hibernate. So rather than quit I use DVDs. I love the beach body routines because they come with a schedule and they change it up all the time! Plus the instructors are awesome Tony Horton cracks me up! Vitamix is on my wish list for sure. My current blender really doesnt have what it takes to blend it up quickly.


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