Jennifer Szaflik – BeachBody Coach!!

I finally did it… I have dreamed about turning my personal passion around to not only help motivate others, but to also supplement my income!



I look forward to encouraging others to get fit and possibly lose weight right along side me.

I have participated in a few Beachbody programs including: p90X3, Turbo Fire, Power 90, Kathy Smith!! These programs are fantastic for supplementing my running and tri training! Perfect for those cold winter months!


Check out my Beachbody Website for more info on the Programs … I know we will have one for you!

I purchased a new program tonight for myself! I bought Piyo and I am super excited about it. I hope to start a Challenge Group in January! So if you are looking for something new and fun to get you through the cold winter check it out I would love for you to join me.


Proud to be me Day 19

I am STRONG because I can _____

Honestly, I am strong because I get up each and every morning and face my day. Life can be tough, but I don;t let it get me down. I face it all head on 🙂

Why are you strong? Do you love Beachbody? Tell me your favourite program?

Interested in joining me in January?


2 thoughts on “Jennifer Szaflik – BeachBody Coach!!

  1. I am so proud of you Jennifer!! You never cease to amaze me. Please remind me about this in January. Marathon training will be over so maybe I will be up to trying something new!!


  2. Thanks So Much Jodi!!! I think pita might be just the thing for you in the New Year. Its a low impact combo of pilates and Yoga. Desgined by the AMAZING Chalene. She has tremendous energy. The best part you get a solid workout without having to leave the house. perfect for winter.


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